Library Preparation Only

GENEWIZ offers standalone NGS solutions for researchers who are equipped to perform NGS in their own labs but wish to outsource portions of their NGS workflow. We can perform any or all of the following steps in the NGS workflow for you, optimizing complex protocols to ensure your data quality, while freeing up your time to work on other aspects of your project.

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  • Standalone Library Preparation

    GENEWIZ will prepare libraries for next generation sequencing as a standalone service for customers that prefer to sequence their libraries in-house. We accept purified nucleic acid as well as multiple sample types for extraction.  We offer ultra-low input requirements, have a myriad of different library preparation options, and offer fast turnaround times.  We can deliver individual barcoded libraries and/or pooled libraries, depending on your preference.  All libraries undergo a thorough QC process and are delivered on dry ice.  GENEWIZ can also retain libraries free of charge for future NGS applications.  We offer library preparation for the following applications: RNA-Seq, Amplicon Sequencing, Whole Genome Sequencing, Exome Sequencing, Targeted Resequencing, and Cancer Panels.

NGS Platforms

GENEWIZ is a certified service provider for Illumina NGS platforms. For information on our NGS platforms as well as recommended configurations for your projects, please visit the NGS Platforms page.