Whole plasmid sequencing (Plasmid-EZ) is our end-to-end solution for cost-effective, rapid, and high-throughput sequencing of entire plasmids. Unlike conventional methods that only sequence selected regions, Plasmid-EZ verifies the integrity and fidelity of whole plasmids using long-read sequencing. This ensures the detection of unwanted changes, providing a complete plasmid map and preventing potential replication issues.

Now connected to our expansive dropbox network, Plasmid-EZ offers unparalleled convenience for sample submission – easily order directly through our customer portal and deposit your samples at one of our convenient dropboxes. Upon receipt in our processing lab, you will receive results in as fast as one business day.



What is whole plasmid sequencing?

Whole plasmid sequencing is the comprehensive read and analysis of a plasmid’s entire genetic code, known as plasmid DNA (pDNA).

Whole plasmid sequencing provides detailed insights into the genetic makeup of plasmids and how subsequent modifications of plasmids can be used in gene knockout and editing studies. By sequencing the whole plasmid, genomic data can be used to further the understanding of microbial diversity, evolution, and mechanisms underlying biological processes.

How is whole plasmid sequencing done?

Whole plasmid sequencing is carried out by isolating the plasmid DNA (pDNA), splicing the pDNA into smaller fragments, sequencing said fragments, then assembling the plasmid sequence data to reconstruct the full plasmid genome. Bioinformatics tools are then used to analyze the resulting sequencing data.





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Technology Comparison: Whole Plasmid Sequencing

Metric Sanger Sequencing Plasmid-EZ Primer Walking NGS
Starting Material Plasmid DNA Plasmid DNA Plasmid DNA Plasmid DNA
Region Sequenced Targeted Regions Full-Length Plasmid Long Targeted Regions Full-Length Plasmid
Cost $ $$ $$$ $$$
Read Quality +++ ++ +++ ++++
Read Length ++ ++++ ++ +/++++
Automatic Assembly
Gene Annotations
Other Requirements Must provide primer Must provide reference


• FASTQ files
• Read-length and quality report
• Consensus plasmid assembly
• Plasmid annotation files


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