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Illumina NovaSeq™ X Plus


The Illumina NovaSeq X Plus brings expanded capacity and new X-LEAP technology to our arsenal of sequencers. These state-of-the art capabilities include unmatched throughput, generating vast amounts of high-quality sequencing data in a single run with ultra-high-resolution imaging across ultra-high-density patterned flow cells. NovaSeq X Plus enables scalability of small-scale studies into genome-wide association studies, generating rapid and actionable results to accelerate your timelines.

In addition to research use only (RUO) services, GENEWIZ Multiomics & Synthesis Solutions from Azenta Life Sciences offer CLIA-validated clinical whole genome and exome sequencing assays and clinical-grade exploratory RUO services on our qualified NovaSeq systems in a CLIA-certified/CAP-accredited laboratory.


Illumina MiSeq

Illumina NovaSeq™ 6000 Sequencing System


The Illumina NovaSeq generates up to 3 trillion bases per run and is optimized to tackle large-scale and deep-sequencing genomics research projects in as fast as one week. As an Illumina provider, GENEWIZ’s optimized workflows deliver superior data, surpassing even Illumina’s own benchmarks. The Illumina S4 flow cell is our most popular option, with 4 sequencing lanes and an output of 2-2.5 billion read pairs (600-750 Gb for 2x150 bp) per lane. Other flow cells and configurations are available upon request.

In addition to research use only services, GENEWIZ offers CLIA validated clinical whole genome and exome sequencing assays on our CLIA/CAP accredited NovaSeq systems.


Illumina NovaSeq

Illumina MiSeq™ Series


The Illumina MiSeq is a versatile and cost-effective platform for smaller sequencing projects, including amplicon and microbial genome sequencing. Configurations include 2x150 bp (4.5 Gb for 10-15M read pairs), 2x250 bp (7.5 Gb for 10-15M read pairs), and 2x300 bp (13 Gb for 20-25M read pairs).


Illumina MiSeq


PacBio Revio™ System


The PacBio Revio long-read system expands on HiFi sequencing technology by offering a 15x increase in data throughput compared to previous PacBio platforms, enabling researchers to sequence up to 360 Gb of HiFi reads in a single day. This system features a high-density, 25 million ZMW SMRT® Cell which allows for up to 4 SMRT cells to be run in parallel, achieving 30x HiFi coverage of a human genome with just one SMRT cell.

Long-read lengths (up to 25 kb) and high accuracy (>99.9%) make the Revio ideal for a wide range of genomic applications, including de novo assembly, comprehensive variant detection, single-cell transcriptomics, and epigenetic characterization.

As a PacBio certified service provider, GENEWIZ NGS Solutions help scientists leverage the power of high-throughput sequencing and superior accuracy of long reads to drive genomic analysis beyond what is possible through short-read sequencing. 


PacBio Sequel

10x Genomics®

10x Genomics Chromium™ Controller


The 10x Genomics Chromium Controller employs microfluidics and molecular barcoding to analyze tens of thousands of individual cells or high-molecular-weight DNA molecules. Applications include single-cell RNA sequencing, single-cell whole genome sequencing, immune V(D)J repertoire profiling, and long-range haplotype phasing. As an early adopter of the Chromium platform, we have developed optimized workflows to maximize project flexibility, speed, and data accuracy.


10x Genomics


NanoString GeoMx™ Digital Spatial Profiler New!


The NanoString GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP), coupled with NanoString’s nCounter® technology, combines morphological and molecular profiling to enable high-resolution analysis of heterogeneous tissue samples. Regions of interest are selected from fluorescently-stained FFPE slides for distinct expression profiling of preconstructed RNA or protein panels. The process is highly quantitative and non-destructive, enabling >100-plex profiling from a single FFPE slide.


PacBio Sequel