Educational Resources

Sanger Tips & Tricks

Learn from the Sanger experts how you can get the most our your DNA Sequencing

  • Troubleshooting a Bad Sequencing Reaction from a PCR Template ( Download Volume V)
  • PCR Visualization by Gel Electrophoresis ( Download Volume IV)
  • Salvaging Nonspecific PCR Products ( Download Volume III)
  • PCR Clean-up of Single-band PCR ( Download Volume II)
  • Producing Robust, Single-band PCR Product ( Download Volume I)

PacBio Case Study

This case study looks at how GENEWIZ utilized the PacBio® Sequel™ long-read technology to help a customer improve detection of structural variants within glioblastoma samples.

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Variant Synthesis

Variant Synthesis can expedite your research by overcoming inefficiencies of traditional approaches while giving you more precise control over sequence diversity.

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Rolling Circle Amplification

Discover the benefits of Rolling Circle Amplification (RCA) and how it can save time and hassle by performing direct colony sequencing from bacteria and phage, eliminating plasmid prep.

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Whole Genome Sequencing

New technologies are enabling scientific researchers to see results from large whole genome sequencing in a matter of weeks. This piece discusses these new machines and their analysis capabilities.

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SNP/Mutation Analysis

Learn more about research-level and GLP-compliant mutation analysis and SNP (single nucleotide polymorphisms) discovery. Includes a comparison of in-house mutation analysis and GENEWIZ’s services.

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