The world of synthetic biology allows scientists to design, build, test, and create useful biological system solutions by combining molecular biology and engineering principles in unprecedented ways. The development of biologically engineered solutions will improve the way we generate energy, treat disease, design chemicals, and produce food.


Research In Synthetic Biology

Biofuel research uses synthetic biology to develop metabolic pathways and optimize organisms in an effort to create clean, sustainable, efficient, energy alternatives.

Synthetic biology can create human health solutions through vaccines, gene therapy, protein-based drugs, and cell-based therapies.

Protein engineering allows the enhancement of enzymes to generate higher activity and higher yields for large-scale chemical production.
Synthetic biology creates alternatives to address future food security concerns due to increasing world population and weather pattern changes through genetic engineering.


GENEWIZ offers gene synthesis and a number of other genomic solutions to assist at different stages of research.

  • Building

    Synthetic DNA libraries

    Synthetic DNA libraries provide a great opportunity to generate proteins/enzymes with novel or improved function through directed evolution studies.

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    Gene Synthesis

    Gene synthesis provides great flexibility to engineer and synthesize your target sequence(s) for any applicable downstream application.

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    Targeted Resequencing

    Our custom NGS-based targeted resequencing panels enable synthetic biologists to analyze their constructs for point mutations, indels, and any gene rearrangements of interest.

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