Modified Oligos


Modified Oligo services are designed to equip researchers with customized oligos featuring a wide variety of modifications. Choose your synthetic scale, HPLC or PAGE purification options, and delivery format without paying premium prices. Spend more time innovating and less time worrying about your budget, with custom oligo solutions you can depend on.



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Modified Oligo Applications

Therapeutic Development: Interrogate gene function and control gene expression.
Fundamental Research: Perform hybridization and antisense experiments, cloning/PCR, immunoassays, and control polymerase/ligase/nuclease activity.
Gene Editing: Create (small guide) sgRNA for use in CRISPR/Cas9 systems.
Molecular Diagnostics: Prepare DNA microarrays, nucleic acid probes, and functional handles for the attachment of custom modifiers.

Oligo Modification Services

DNA Oligo Modifications

With your choice of over 200 chemical modifications, our standard oligo synthesis services provide the high-quality results you expect from Azenta with the breadth of oligo synthesis expertise you need for your smaller DNA synthesis experiments.

Custom Oligo Projects

Azenta offers nearly any oligo solution. Mixed bases, NGS adapter primers, oligo pools, DEL libraries, special delivery scales/formats, and more are accessible through our custom online ordering form to meet your exact project requirements.



RNA Oligos

Synthetically designed RNA is used in research applications such as gene function analysis and therapeutic development. Azenta’s expertise in oligonucleotide synthesis ensures your RNA, modified RNA, and RNA/DNA chimeras are
delivered quickly and in high-quality.

Featured Application: Gene Editing

RNA oligos are used to control transcription, translation, and a host of other cellular activities. Because of their central role in molecular biology, RNA can function as important therapeutics and probes for genetic function. Additionally, they are critical components of gene editing programs to provide templates for CRISPR/Cas9 endonuclease activity. Complete single guide RNA (sgRNA) constructs from Azenta enable gene knock-out/knock-in experiments without the need for an extra annealing step between crRNA and tracrRNA subunits.


Facilitates chemical modification of RNAs


Regulates gene expression


Silences gene expression


Functions in various nuclear processes (e.g. splicing)


Edit genes with CRISPR/Cas9 systems

Discover the library of RNA structures and modifications available from Azenta.


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Popular Oligo Modifications

Below are just a few examples of common DNA oligo synthesis services and modifications ordered by Azenta customers. Contact our Ph.D. technical support team for a comprehensive list of over 200 modifications, more information, or guidance on custom synthetic needs for any research project in your lab.

Attachment modifications

Attachment modifications offer benefits to many fundamental research and molecular diagnostic applications. Biotinylation and digoxigenination are functional in immunoassays (protein detection; ELISA), hybridization (Southern blotting; Northern blotting; in situ), cellular staining, and pull-down isolation experiments. Aminolinkers and thiols both provide functional handles for further attachments either internally or at 5’ or 3’ positions.

Quencher Modification

Quenchers are used in conjunction with a fluorophore to investigate DNA and/or RNA interactions. These systems are typically part of FRET or reporter-quencher experiments.

Fluorescent Dye Modification

Dyes are generally used to localize DNA and/or RNA sequences of interest in the cell. Choose from a variety of fluorescent dyes with a wide spectrum of absorption, emission, and color depending on the needs of your experiment and detection technique.

Modified Bases

Modified nucleosides such as deoxyinosine (dI) provide degeneracy in DNA oligos with limited sequence information, while deoxyuridine (dU) improves double stranded stability (and associated melting point) as a replacement for deoxythymidine. Phosphorothioate oligos are particularly useful in antisense experiments to inhibit nuclease activity.

5' and 3' Phosphorylation

5' phosphorylation can be used for linkers, cloning and gene construction, and ligase- catalyzed ligation reactions. Phosphorylation is also used to prevent DNA chain extension catalyzed by DNA polymerase in related experiments that are resistant to exonuclease digestion.

Features and Benefits

High Quality: Synthetic error rates <0.1% and strict ISO 9001:2015 quality control. All modifications verified by advanced mass spectrometry.
Convenient Deliverables: Lyophilized oligos are delivered in tube or plate formats after desalting or purification by PAGE or HPLC.
Flexible Syntheses: RNA oligos, oligo pools, ultra-pure options, and custom designed oligos are available with custom yield options from ng to mg quantities.
Easy Ordering: Call, email, or use Azenta’s intuitive online ordering system 24 hours/7 days a week. Our custom ordering form provides additional flexibility for any oligo need.

OLIGO Purification Options

DNA oligonucleotides are provided in either a tube or plate format, fully lyophilized after purification. Below are recommended purification techniques based on DNA oligo length and required purity.

Purification Applicable Length Advantages
Desalted Purification 5-90 nt Fast turnaround time and favorable price
PAGE Purification 21-150 nt
High purity >90%; suitable for long oligos
HPLC Purification 5-90 nt High purity >95%; suitable for modified oligos



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