Overnight DNA Oligos


Overnight DNA Oligo services from Azenta Life Sciences, formerly GENEWIZ, provides fast, affordable, and convenient options for unmodified, desalted oligonucleotides. Need oligos with next-day delivery? Choose our expedited Overnight DNA Oligo service for your PCR experiment. Prefer oligos 15-60 bases long with second-day delivery? Check out our standard Overnight DNA Oligo service option. All Azenta oligos are synthesized under our strict quality control protocols and serve as the perfect primer for your molecular biology research. 


Oligo Synthesis

FEATURES & BENEFITS Of Azenta Oligonucleotide Synthesis

Synthesis at 25 and 50 nmol scales
Standard desalted oligos for PCR and sequencing applications
Oligonucleotide synthesis 15-60 bases long
Choice of oligos dried or delivered in water, Tris, or TE buffers
96-well plate delivery available for high-throughput applications and bulk pricing
Morning-time delivery to jump start your day
Ships next day; expedited same-day shipping is also available
High-quality oligos with stringent QC at every step

Overnight DNA Oligo Service Options

Standard Overnight DNA Oligo Service: 15-60 Bases & Delivered By Second Business Day

Expedited Overnight DNA Oligo Service:


Order Placed


Turnaround Time*

Greater Boston Area with
Azenta Delivery Box
Before 8pm ET Mon-Fri
Before 5pm ET Sat-Sun
15-60 Bases Delivery next business day
Rest of US Before 3pm ET  15-30 Bases Delivery next business day

*Large orders may require additional turnaround time. Please contact DNASeq@Azenta.com for more information about large or custom inquiries. Next day delivery contingent on passing results for QC tests.

Interested in hosting a Azenta delivery box at your lab to receive fast and free shipping on every oligo order? Submit an inquiry here to learn more and check your eligibility.


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