Targeted Sequencing is an effective method for analyzing your selected gene(s) of interest by next generation sequencing. Whether you are interested in a few genes, or a few hundred genes, targeted resequencing panels offer high sensitivity and specificity, providing in-depth coverage, resulting in high-quality data.

With Custom Targeted Sequencing gene panels, you can discover point mutations, insertions/deletions (INDELs), copy number variations (CNVs), and gene rearrangements.


Targeted sequencing Gene Panels

Azenta provides a variety of targeted resequencing panels, either pre-made or custom, that can cover any genes of interest or cancer-implicated genes.

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Azenta also offers Sanger-based confirmatory sequencing to verify your final genes of interest.


Discover genetic biomarkers associated with disease state
Characterize genetic associations to a particular phenotype, such as drug response
Genotype and classify eukaryotic and/or prokaryotic cell lines
Design genetic tests, such as for pharmacogenomics or oncology

Features & Benefits

Extensive multiplexing flexibility enables a more cost-effective assay

Dedicated, on-going support from experienced Azenta scientists

In-house pipeline for optional Sanger-based confirmatory sequencing of final targets utilizing your NGS samples

Comprehensive bioinformatics options for robust downstream analysis

Availability of the most cutting-edge sequencing platforms

Workflow for Targeted Resequencing Panels

Extensive Quality Control is Performed at the Conclusion of Each Step of the Process
  • Experimental Design

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  • Targeting and Library Preparation

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  • Building


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  • Bioinformatics


Sample Submission Guidelines

Azenta accepts the following sample types for targeted resequencing projects:

  • Purified genomic DNA
  • Frozen cell pellets (mammalian or bacterial)
  • PCR amplicons
  • Bacterial colonies
  • Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) thin sections (slides)
  • Select tissues
  • Blood
  • Swab

Technical Resources

Blog | NGS, qPCR, or Sanger Sequencing: An Assay Selection Guide

This selection guide offers practical information about PCR + Sanger, qPCR, and NGS approaches to help you determine which assay best suits your project requirements, along with an interactive assay selection tool to aid your decision making.

Webinar| Non-Classical Sources of Tumour-Specific Antigen in Checkpoint Inhibitor Response

Developing immunotherapies for cancer can be difficult due to the variation of immune response from patient to patient. In this webinar, Dr. Litchfield from UCL Cancer Institute presents his team’s exploratory research using a multiomics approach to better understand the diversity of immune response to cancer and highlights their findings of an alternative source of a tumour-specific antigen in checkpoint inhibitor (CPI) response.

Webinar | Demystifying End-to-End DNA Sequencing Solutions

In this co-hosted webinar with Twist Bioscience, learn how researchers design custom panels to sequence deeply and efficiently into regions, genes, and organisms of interest, as well as gain a greater understanding on how targeted sequencing can be combined with the latest transcriptomics and proteomics tools to reveal even more insights.

Certified Illumina Sequencing and Pacbio Sequel Provider

Azenta is a certified service provider for Illumina NGS platforms and the PacBio Sequel. Please visit our NGS Platforms page for more information.

How To Order

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