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RNA Sequencing

mRNA-mediated delivery of gene editing tools to human primary muscle stem cells

2022 | H. sapiens | Molecular Therapy - Nucleic Acids

A synthetic lipopeptide targeting top-priority multidrug-resistant Gram-negative pathogens

2022 | A. baumannii | Nature Communications

Bottom-up assembly of biomedical relevant fully synthetic extracellular vesicles

2021 | H. sapiens | Science Advances 

Misexpression of genes lacking CpG islands drives degenerative changes during aging

2021 | M. musculus | Science Advances 

A hemimetabolous wing development suggests the wing origin from lateral tergum of a wingless ancestor

2022 | G. bimaculatus | Nature Communications

Aryl hydrocarbon receptor and Krüppel like factor 10 mediate a transcriptional axis modulating immune homeostasis in mosquitoes

2022 | A. gambiae | Nature Scientific Reports

Comparison of genome architecture at two stages of male germline cell differentiation in Drosophila

2022 | Drosophila | Nucleic Acids Research


Single Cell RNA Sequencing

Role of HRTPT in kidney proximal epithelial cell regeneration: Integrative differential expression and pathway analyses using microarray and scRNA-seq

2021 |H. sapiens | Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Single-cell resolution analysis of the human pancreaticductal progenitor cell niche

2020 | H. sapiens | PNAS

Single-Cell Analysis Revealed the Role of CD8+ Effector T Cells in Preventing Cardioprotective Macrophage Differentiation in the Early Phase of Heart Failure

2021 | M. musculus Frontiers in Immunology

Regulation of dynamic pigment cell states at single-cell resolution

2020 | S. purpuratus | eLife

A Population of M2 Macrophages Associated With Bone Formation

2021 | M. musculus Frontiers in Immunology


Exome Sequencing

SWAN pathway-network identification of common aneuploidy-based oncogenic drivers

2022 | H. sapiens | Nucleic Acids Research

Genome-wide detection of CRISPR editing in vivo using GUIDE-tag

2022 | M. musculus | Nature Communications

Sensitive detection of tumor mutations from blood and its application to immunotherapy prognosis

2021 | H. sapiens | Nature Communications

Confirming putative variants at ≤ 5% allele frequency using allele enrichment and Sanger sequencing

2021 |  H. sapiens | Nature Scientific Reports

POLE Mutation Spectra Are Shaped by the Mutant Allele Identity, Its Abundance, and Mismatch Repair Status

2020  | H. sapiens | Molecular Cell


Whole Genome Sequencing

Global chromosome rearrangement induced by CRISPR-Cas9 reshapes the genome and transcriptome of human cells

2022 | H. sapiens Nucleic Acids Research

An RNA-binding protein acts as a major post-transcriptional modulator in Bacillus anthracis

2022 | B. anthracis Nature Communications

Whole-genome sequencing reveals novel ethnicity-specific rare variants associated with Alzheimer’s disease

2022 | H. sapiens Nature Molecular Psychiatry

Genomic diversity across the Rickettsia and ‘Candidatus Megaira’ genera and proposal of genus status for the Torix group

2022 | Rickettsia and Candidatus Megaira Nature Communications

Protoblock - A biological standard for formalin fixed samples

2020 | M. musculus, E. coli and S. aureus Microbiome



Complete Genome Sequence of the Citrobacter freundii Type Strain

2020 | C. freundii | ASM Journals: Microbiology Resource Announcements

Mitochondrial mRNA Processing in the Chlorophyte Alga Pediastrum duplex and Streptophyte Alga Chara vulgaris Reveals an Evolutionary Branch in Mitochondrial mRNA Processing

2021 | P. duplex and C. vulgaris Plants

Integrated RNA and miRNA sequencing analysis reveals a complex regulatory network of Magnolia sieboldii seed germination

2021 | M. sieboldii | Nature Scientific Reports

Beyond Genes: Inclusion of Alternative Splicing and Alternative Polyadenylation to Assess the Genetic Architecture of Predisposition to Voluntary Alcohol Consumption in Brain of the HXB/BXH Recombinant Inbred Rat Panel

2022 | Rat Frontiers in Genetics

Genome- and Proteome-Wide Analysis of Lysine Acetylation in Vibrio vulnificus Vv180806 Reveals Its Regulatory Roles in Virulence and Antibiotic Resistance

2020 | V. vulnificus Frontiers in Microbiology


Gene Synthesis Services

Codon optimization with deep learning to enhance protein expression

2020 | E. coli | Nature Scientific Reports

Assessing optimal: inequalities in codon optimization algorithms

2021 | H. sapiens, E.coli | BMC Biology

Identification of a protein responsible for the synthesis of archaeal membrane-spanning GDGT lipids

2022 | M. maripaludis, E. coli, S. acidocaldarius | Nature Communications

Targeted insertion of large genetic payloads using cas directed LINE-1 reverse transcriptase

2021 |E. coli | Nature Scientific Reports

Off-target effects of RNAi correlate with the mismatch rate between dsRNA and non-target mRNA

2021 |T. castaneum, L. migratoria, S. litura, C. suppressalis, H. armigera, D. melanogaster | RNA Biology


Molecular Genetics