Amplicon Sequencing Services

NGS-based amplicon sequencing allows detection of low frequency variants, quantitative analysis of mixed populations, and scalable analysis of a large number of samples. Whether you are looking to validate/discover variations in specific genomic regions or are interested in screening clones, GENEWIZ offers multiple options for ultra-deep sequencing of amplicons (PCR products). GENEWIZ employs latest technologies to provide custom, in-depth solutions for amplicons ranging from 100 base pairs (bp) to >10,000 bp.

Applications for this service include antibody library screening, natural antibody repertoire profiling, disease genotyping, CRISPR mutation analysis, 16/18S gene sequencing, screening of molecular clones, and analysis of plasmid stocks.

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NGS Amplicon Services

Multiple Solutions to Answer Every Biological Question


Illumina based - 50K reads/sample guaranteed, turnaround time starting at three business days. Available for amplicons 150-250bp in size.

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Standard Amplicon Sequencing

Illumina based - Flexible data quantity options. Available for amplicons >100bp.

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Ultra-Long Amplicon Sequencing

PacBio Sequel - Contiguous sequencing of amplicons up to 10kb.

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    GENEWIZ's Recommendation
 Amplicon Size Applications Library Preparation Type Platform Configuration 
  • SNP Genotyping
  • Genome editing clone verification
  • Somatic/complex variant discovery
Adapter ligation Illumina 2x150bp
  • Antibody heavy or light chain
  • Hypervariable 16s
Adapter ligation  Illumina 2x250bp
  • Somatic variant analysis 
Fragmentation Illumina 2x150bp
  • Paired antibody heavy and light chains
  • Full length 16s
  • Variant phasing
Adapter ligation PacBio Sequel
  •  Somatic variant analysis
Fragmentation Illumina 2x150bp

Features & Benefits

Optimized processes- exceed manufacturer’s specifications for data amount and quality
Results in as few as three business days
Multiplexing flexibility enables a more cost-effective assay
Latest long-read technologies
Automation reduces sample handling errors and increases reproducibility
Interactive analysis reports and free post-delivery support

Sample Submission Guidelines

GENEWIZ accepts purified and unpurified amplicons, restriction digested material, fragmented DNA, and plasmids. For detailed sample submission requirements please visit our Sample Submission Guidelines.



All customers receive their raw data as FASTQ files. Customizable data analysis packages are available by request.

How To Order

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