GENEWIZTM Gene Synthesis service from Azenta is known for reliability and completion of projects with a wide range of complexity levels including repetitive and sequences with high or low GC content. Our 99.9% delivery rate makes us the partner of choice for top research institutions across the world. Our many years of synthetic gene assembly experience provide endless opportunities to create any custom sequence for your synthetic biology research. Try our PriorityGENE DNA synthesis service today.


Large sequences (genomic synthetic DNA or large genes)

Azenta frequently works with large sequences and successfully delivers the cloned products on a timely basis.  The synthesis, assembly, and cloning of up to 150 kb sequences highlights our superior capabilities.  Need a larger sequence synthesized?  Please contact our Project Management Scientists to submit your inquiry.

Turnaround Time:

Synthetic Gene Length Estimated Completion Time*
< 1.5 kb 8-10 Business Days
1.5 kb - 3 kb 10-12 Business Days Now Faster!
3 kb - 5 kb 15-20 Business Days
5 kb - 6 kb 20-25 Business Days
6 kb - 7 kb 25-30 Business Days
7 kb - 8 kb 30-35 Business Days
8 kb - 10 kb 35-40 Business Days
> 10 kb Custom Quote

*Applicable to non-complex sequences stable in typical E.coli cell lines.

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  • Synthetic Gene Shipment


Available Service Options

Free codon optimization: Our proprietary bioinformatics platform optimizes your desired sequences for your specific needs for any system of your choice. Learn more about Azenta codon optimization here.

Discounted custom cloning: Azenta can clone your sequence into the vector of your choice at a discounted price when paired with gene synthesis.

Large scale DNA preparation: Large scale DNA preparation options range from µg to mg.



Customers will receive 2-5 µg of lyophilized plasmid containing their sequence verified synthetic construct, a Certificate of Analysis (COA) including restriction digest, sequence trace data with alignment, and sequence files of synthetic gene alone and in vector.


* Samples must arrive at the Azenta New jersey laboratory before 10:00 am EST to qualify for Same Day service.

Gene Synthesis Ordering Guide

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