Bacterial and Fungal Identification


Common methods used for identifying bacterial and fungal strains are 16S rRNA gene sequencing and Internal Transcribed Spacer (ITS) sequencing respectively. These highly conserved regions are standard tools used to construct bacterial and fungal phylogenies and taxonomies. Azenta Life Sciences, formerly Azenta offers pre-developed PCR assays that cover essential regions within the 16S rRNA gene and the ribosomal ITS region used for amplification and Sanger sequencing of clonal samples.


  • PCR amplification directly from bacterial or fungal colonies 
  • Enzymatic purification of crude PCR product enhances sequencing quality
  • Forward and reverse sequencing of the 16S rRNA gene and the ITS region
  • Starting materials accepted:
    • Bacterial and fungal colonies
    • Extracted gDNA
    • Glycerol stocks
    • Cell pellets


High Quality: Robust 16S rRNA and ITS PCR protocols and high quality sequencing data​
Fast & Reliable Turnaround: Data delivery starting at just 2 business days​
Industry-leading Customer Service: Easily accessible, dedicated customer service available Monday – Friday ​
Convenience: Pre-developed assays enable researchers to submit clonal samples for PCR and Sanger sequencing​

Ensure Complete Plasmid Validation on Your First Attempt

with Oxford Nanopore Sequencing



16S rRNA/ITS Sequencing

  • Submit clonal sample

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  • PCR

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  • Sanger

Colony is picked from plate for PCR amplification.
Gene coding for 16S rRNA is amplified by PCR using gene-specific primers. Quality control: PCR product is observed by agarose gel electrophoresis.
Resulting PCR product is sequenced in both directions.

Service Overview

  16S rRNA Sequencing ITS rRNA Sequencing
Genomic Loci Sequenced 16S rRNA gene
(V1 to V9 regions)
Internal Transcribed Spacer 1 and 2
(ITS 1 & 2)
Purpose of Assay Bacterial Identification Fungal Identification
Deliverables Chromatogram and Sequence Files
New! Optional Analysis Available
Chromatogram and Sequence Files

New! Alignment and analysis of 16S raw data now available. For more information contact Azenta Customer Support


Digital PCR (dPCR)

Detect your target sequences with unmatched accuracy


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