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Molecular Genetics

Increase productivity and efficiency of your research program with GENEWIZ's Molecular Genetics services. Building on our expertise in DNA sequencing, molecular biology, and genomic services, GENEWIZ has the right solution for your unique project needs.

Please feel free to contact us. GENEWIZ Project Management is always available to discuss your project with you. For more information about our Molecular Genetics services please click on the links below.


Features & Benefits

Utilize the rich experience of GENEWIZ scientists to increase your efficiencies by adding hands to your research team.
Capitalize on GENEWIZ's molecular genetics and genomics experts in an array of areas, including Sanger sequencing, to add even greater efficiencies and productivity to your own research program. Free-up your research time to focus efforts on other experiments in your lab.
Weekly project updates and direct contact with GENEWIZ scientists ensure you get clean results, interpretable reliable data, and easy to understand reports.
Free up your research time to focus efforts on other experiments in your lab.
Specialized teams of Ph.D. scientists are available to consult with you on your project to ensure your experimental objectives are in place to meet your downstream goals.