RNA Sequencing

RNA-Seq is a powerful method for analyzing global gene expression levels and providing in-depth analysis of the transcriptome. RNA-Seq can be used to accurately analyze low expression genes and transcripts often not detected by other methods, discover novel genes and isoforms, and assemble transcriptomes not previously studied.

GENEWIZ offers complete RNA-Seq solutions to customers via custom experimental design actions and  advanced bioinformatics analysis designed to address different biological questions.

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New Service: Iso-Seq

Iso-Seq (isoform sequencing) reads full-length contiguous transcripts (up to 10 kb), elucidating the diversity of isoforms within target genes or the entire transcriptome.

Potential applications include better annotated genomes, detection of gene fusions and discovery of novel isoforms.

Service OptionS

  • Strand-Specific RNA-Seq

    Strand-Specific RNA-Seq provides gene expression information with relation to strand orientation. This facilitates allele-specific expression analysis.

  • Standard RNA-Seq

    Standard RNA-Seq analyzes the expression of RNA across the entire transcriptome. Standard RNA-seq can be applied to both mRNA and lncRNA, without the need for a reference sequence.  Standard RNA-Seq provides the most encompassing overview of gene and transcript expression.  

  • Ultra-Low Input RNA-Seq

    Ultra-Low Input RNA-Seq allows expression analysis from low-input total RNA samples (as low as 10 pg) and single cells in solution. Popular studies involve analyzing cells after FACS (fluorescence-activated cell sorting) or other sorting methods.

  • Small RNA Seq

    Small RNA-Seq enables analysis of small and microRNAs, which often regulate genes at the transcriptional and post-transcriptional levels. Small RNAs have been shown to regulate a number of biological processes including development, cell differentiation, and apoptosis.

  • Single-Cell RNA-Seq

    Single cell RNA-Seq with 10X GENOMICS Chromium™ provides industry-leading options for transcriptional profiling of thousands of individual cells. This level of throughput analysis allows researchers to understand, at the single-cell level, what genes are expressed, in what quantities, and how they differ across thousands of cells within a heterogeneous sample(s).

Features & Benefits

Dedicated support from experienced scientists

Ultra-low starting material requirements, with thorough sample QC

Flexible, customizable service and bioinformatics options

Fast turnaround time

Sample Submission Guidelines

GENEWIZ accepts total RNA, mRNA, ds-cDNA and cell cultures/pellets for RNA-Seq projects. For detailed sample submission requirements please visit our Sample Submission Guidelines.


All customers receive their raw data as FASTQ files. Additional data analysis packages are available including: mapping and read hit measurements, differential gene expression analysis, differential transcript expression analysis, novel isoform discovery, de novo transcriptome assembly, gene ontology analysis, and other custom reports.

NGS Platforms

GENEWIZ is a certified service provider for Illumina and Life Technology NGS platforms. For information on our NGS platforms as well as recommended configurations for your projects, please visit the NGS Platforms page. GENEWIZ does not guarantee data output or quality for sequencing only projects.


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