Infectious diseases are a persistent problem worldwide. Researchers must keep pace with constantly evolving pathogens to uncover determinants of drug-resistance, immune evasion, and virulence. Whether your focus is vaccine development, resistance to antibiotics, emerging viruses, or immune evasion -- GENEWIZ offers researchers a full spectrum of genomic services that can help accelerate research goals.


Genomics in Infectious disease

Infectious disease researchers rely on next generation sequencing to discover new viruses, monitor host-pathogen interactions, study pathogen evolution, and predict where drug-resistant genotypes are likely to arise.
Vaccine researchers can quickly and accurately obtain DNA constructs of viral proteins via Gene Synthesis to test the effects of mutations on virulence and pathogenicity. Gene Synthesis also provides a solution for creating difficult constructs for DNA vaccine research or gene therapy for infectious disease.

Infectious disease researchers can search for viral infections in tumors and chronic diseases, or study the role of the host-microbiome in infectious disease using next generation sequencing.


GENEWIZ offers a number of genomics solutions to assist you at different stages of your infectious disease research.

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    Our full-service RNA sequencing solution allows for comprehensive analysis of viral RNA genomes to reveal new genotypes or discover previously unknown mutations or genes.

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    Gene Synthesis

    GENEWIZ Gene Synthesis provides a quick alternative to cloning, allowing researches to accurately produce viral proteins to efficiently study the effects of mutations on virulence and pathogenicity.

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    Metagenomics Solutions

    GENEWIZ’s suite of Metagenomics Solutions offers researchers a powerful tool for studying the role of the host microbiome in infectious disease.

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