Viral Packaging


GENEWIZ Viral Packaging services combine our 20 years of wet lab experience with our Ph.D.-level expertise to provide fast and reliable delivery of viral plasmids and particles. Ensuring effective delivery of your genes of interest (GOI) is the critical mission of viral packaging. Our project managers customize and scale your projects to meet the most rigorous technical requirements with the utmost quality.


Learn how partnering with GENEWIZ from Azenta Life Sciences can help your AAV, lentivirus, or baculovirus research succeed in making the world a healthier place for people everywhere.



What is viral packaging?

Viral packaging is the construction and insertion of a target gene into the structural components of a virus, allowing the gene to replicate via viral replication. Viral packaging is commonly used for gene therapy studies involving gene expression or knockout.

Viral Packaging Services

AAV Packaging


With low immunogenicity limiting the risk of integration into the host genome, adeno-associated viruses (AAVs) have emerged as promising vehicles to deliver both cell and gene therapies. These viruses, however do pose major challenges in both synthesis and packaging to obtain high titer and efficacy. 

Learn how our proprietary AAV solutions overcome technical challenges to deliver reliable cell transfection and confident research results.

Lentivirus Packaging


Lentiviral vectors are research tools used to introduce gene products into in vitro systems, animal models, or human patients via gene therapy. Lentiviruses have a broad range of applications and are commonly used in clinical gene therapy as well as in CAR-T cell engineering.

Learn how our gene-to-lentivirus solutions, combined with our sample management services, can help you streamline your laboratory operations and accelerate your research.

Baculovirus Packaging


Baculovirus has been widely used to produce recombinant proteins on both insect and mammalian cells. The virus is an ideal tool for gene delivery and gene therapy due to its large gene capacity, which allows expression of proteins with large molecular weight, high safety through strict species specificity, high expression efficiency, and ease of amplification.

Explore our expanded gene-to-baculovirus synthesis and expression offering to find your preferred solution.

Plasmid Viral Packaging Features and Benefits

Reliable Provider: US-based protein production and reliable supply chain.
Rapid Turnaround: Industry-leading turnaround time starting at 4 weeks, from DNA synthesis to purified antibody.
Stringent QC: Multiple QC checkpoints, including protein concentration, aggregation, and purity.
Technical Support: Ph.D.-level consultation and support at every step of your project.
Complete Service Chain: Simplified project management with a single provider across all services including biobanking for long-term storage and inventory


Gene-to-Discovery Solutions

AAV Packaging, Custom mRNA Synthesis, Lentivirus Packaging, Recombinant Antibody Production


* Samples must arrive at the Azenta New jersey laboratory before 10:00 am EST to qualify for Same Day service.

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