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AAV Packaging services center around GENEWIZ from Azenta’s proprietary AAV Vector Production process to provide industry-leading project quality, completion time, and flexibility. The adeno-associated virus (AAV) is a powerful vehicle for cell and gene therapy. However, working with AAV vectors can be challenging. Each construct contains two inverted terminal repeat (ITR) sequences which are notoriously unstable, but also critical to the replication and encapsidation of viral DNA. Our support for AAV-based research and therapeutic applications enables us to deliver results for any AAV challenge.


How is the AAV genome packaged?

The AAV genome is packaged by using two copies of inverted terminal repeats (ITR) to flank the expression cassette and facilitate vector DNA replication as single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) and packaging into empty preformed capsids. Small rep proteins are needed to assist in the translocation of the AAV genome into the capsid.


AAV genome packaging components are:

  • Assembled empty capsids
  • Completed replication of AAV genomes
  • Rep proteins to translocate the AAV genome into the capsid


What is the packaging capacity for AAV?

Adeno associated viruses (AAVs) have a packaging capacity of roughly 4.7kb, which is approximately half the packaging limit of vectors from lentiviruses and adenoviruses.


Applications of AAV Vectors

Therapeutic Development: Treat diseases by delivery of genetic material through cell or gene therapies such as CAR T-cell and gene replacement
CRISPR/Gene Editing: Engineer cell lines with delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 and other gene editing platforms

AAV Packaging Workflow

With expertise in Sanger and NGS sequencing, gene synthesis, viral packaging, and more, GENEWIZ has the capabilities and flexibility to partner with you for research success at any stage of your workflow. This means confidence and reliability in your product quality with the convenience of a single team for consultation and service experience. Our total packaging workflow below connects the novel advantages of our research groups to bring you AAV success.

AAV ITR Sequencing Icon
1. AAV ITR Sequencing

Preservation of ITR Integrity:

GENEWIZ breakthrough Sanger Sequencing and ITR correction process reads and conserves difficult regions that are critical to AAV success

AAV Plasmid Synthesis Icon
2. AAV Plasmid Synthesis

High Fidelity Gene Synthesis:

99.9% reliability in project delivery rate from a team with over 20 years of gene synthesis experience

3. AAV Plasmid Preparation

Scalable Viral Prep:

Mini- to giga-scale quantities of AAV plasmids available from GENEWIZ proprietary E. coli strains for optimal AAV performance

AAV Packaging Icon
4. AAV Packaging

AAV Packaging:

Generate high-quality viral particles with customizable synthesis, serotype, and scale options

Featured Application: AAV for Therapeutic Delivery

Adeno-associated virus (AAV) is a promising gene therapy vector due to its low pathogenicity and immunogenicity. It can deliver a genetic payload of up to 4.7 kb, and multiple serotypes are available to target specific cell types or tissues in humans. The recombinant AAV (rAAV) genome comprises a transgene construct flanked by a pair of 145 bp inverted terminal repeat (ITR) sequences. Previous reports have shown that the ITRs are necessary to produce viral particles but their structure is problematic for conventional cloning workflows. ITR sequences in plasmids are unstable, often acquiring deletions during propagation in bacteria. Because of the high risk of mutation, sequence verification of ITR sequences is a critical part of rAAV quality control. This too is challenging, however, as standard Sanger sequencing fails to read through most ITR sequences. Here, we study the effect of partial and full ITR deletions on AAV packaging and show how proprietary methods developed by GENEWIZ can successfully detect and repair these mutations.

Features and Benefits

High-Quality Viral Particles – High purity, high yield, with low endotoxin and empty shell
Rapid Project Completion – AAV packaging in as fast as 13-15 business days (BD) to meet your research deadlines
Accurate ITR and Transgene Expression - The GENEWIZ proprietary AAV plasmid synthesis workflow ensures better ITR integrity than any other research partner
Ph.D.–Level Partnership - Our dedicated project management teams provide expert technical consultation to solve any AAV challenge
Reliable Project Management – Global production facilities and local project management ensures reliable progress and proactive communication
Customized AAV Delivery – Suit the needs of your project with over 20 serotypes and a wide range of scales for AAV particles
Total Cell and Gene Therapy Solutions – Protect your IP and reduce logistical delays and errors by working with GENEWIZ as your single partner for sequencing, synthesis, and sample management

AAV Packaging Deliverables

AAV particles have a packaging capacity of approximately 4.7 kb and are provided in PBS buffer1. They are shipped on dry ice and aliquoted in custom vialing sizes for convenient storage and use.


Featured AAV Serotypes2 Volume Estimated Completion Time Quality Titer3 Yield
Normal yield: 1, 3b, 5, 7, 8, 9, rh10, PHP.eB, PHP.B, AAVDJ, retro, PHP.S, Olig001, Olig001-PHPA, AAVie 200 uL

In as few as 3-4 weeks
- Ultrapure (≥95% by  SDS-PAGE)

1 x 1013 GC/mL

Up to 1 x 1016 GC
500 uL
Low yield: 2, 4, 6, 6.2, 7m8, AAV ShH10, AAV6 [Y705F,Y731F] 1 mL - Low endotoxin (<10 EU/mL) 
Custom (up to 100 mL)

1. AAV packaging solutions can use GENEWIZ or customer-supplied plasmids.

2. GENEWIZ is continually developing new serotypes through research efforts. Contact our project management team to learn more.

3. Standard quality control includes titer determination by qPCR with ITR primers. Optional dPCR and TEM analysis available.


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