GENEWIZ, Inc. Announces Collaboration with KeyTest Diagnostics

South Plainfield, NJ -- June 26, 2013 -- GENEWIZ, Inc., leading global genomics service provider, announced a collaboration with KeyTest Diagnostics to foster establishment of clinical testing standards and development of next generation molecular diagnostics using cutting-edge genomics technologies in China.

KeyTest Diagnostics is the first third-party medical testing center in Suzhou certified by Jiangsu Health Bureau. The company’s specialties include lab management, molecular diagnostics, clinical immunology, clinical microbiology, pathology, and oncology. Based out of the State Key Laboratory of Molecular Oncology, KeyTest Diagnostics focuses on original, exploratory, and systemic research. 

As a CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited company, GENEWIZ has been making strides in its contributions to the advancement of clinical testing and personalized medicine, boasting a strong pipeline which focuses on next generation clinical tests for genetic diseases, risk assessment, pharmacogenomics, and non-invasive cancer detection. Most recently, GENEWIZ launched OncoGxOne™ cancer panels, gene panels with the ability to detect all types of genomic aberrations. OncoGxOne™ cancer panels facilitate therapeutic target and biomarker discovery as well as patient stratification for clinical trials, thus providing important information for personalized cancer treatment. 

"Partnering with KeyTest Diagnostics will enable Chinese customers to gain access to clinical tests that are critical to disease treatment and their overall health," stated Dr. Amy Liao, President & COO, GENEWIZ, Inc. "Together, we will have the ability to develop and introduce more clinical tests in China, thus helping to make a difference in the pursuit of scientific discoveries and better medicines around the globe." 

"Combining the efforts and expertise of our two companies will accelerate the development and advancement of molecular diagnostics," continued Dr. Yun Ji, President, KeyTest Diagnostics. "We look forward to delivering high-quality, efficient testing for both patients and doctors in China through this collaboration."

About GENEWIZ, Inc.
GENEWIZ, Inc. is a global contract research organization (CRO) specializing in genomic services, including DNA sequencing, gene synthesis, molecular biology, genomic, bioinformatics, and GxP/CLIA regulatory-compliant services. GENEWIZ leads the industry in outsourcing partnerships with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical, academic, and government institutions. 

Headquartered in South Plainfield, NJ, GENEWIZ, Inc. is a privately-held global enterprise with locations in Boston, MA; Washington, DC Metro; Research Triangle Park, NC; San Diego, CA; San Francisco, CA; and Seattle, WA. International locations include Beijing, China; Suzhou, China; London, United Kingdom; and Osaka, Japan.

About KeyTest Diagnostics
KeyTest Diagnostics is a certified molecular diagnostics laboratory, operating within the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. KeyTest Diagnostics specializes in the development of innovative molecular diagnostics techniques with emphasis on gene-based molecular testing for the analysis of complex genetic disorders; molecular testing focuses primarily on non-invasive prenatal fetal DNA detection, tumor personalized genetic medicine, and high-risk genetic cardiovascular disease. The mission of KeyTest Diagnostics is to bridge the gap between research and clinical medicine by unveiling new discoveries from the State Key Laboratory of Molecular Oncology.