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Sanger Sequencing


Sanger Sequencing is a cost-effective method for determining the nucleotide sequence of DNA. GENEWIZ Sanger sequencing services are award-winning, providing high-quality results, industry-leading customer service and fast turnaround times at competitive prices. GENEWIZ from Azenta Life Sciences is the partner of choice for academic, pharmaceutical, GLP, biotechnology, and government institutions around the world.

We are well-equipped to handle DNA sequencing of all complexities including single tube, high-throughput, direct bacterial colony, glycerol stock, CLIA, or GLP DNA sequencing projects. Our mission is to eliminate bottlenecks, improve productivity, and advance your research progress.

GENEWIZ Sanger Sequencing Service

Azenta can process a variety of different templates to use as starting material for Sanger sequencing reactions submitted in tubes or plates. 
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Whole plasmid sequencing for complete construct validation


Sanger Sequencing Features & Benefits

High Quality - DNA sequencing read lengths up to ~1,100 nt. Quality Score and Contiguous Read Length (CRL) provided in each read. 

Azenta Technical Support - Our highly-trained team of Sanger sequencing specialists proactively communicate updates, while providing technical expertise on projects big and small.

Clever, Convenient Logistics - Contact us to locate a Azenta dropbox near you for free shipping. Azenta will provide you with suitable logistical resources according to your barcode order and priority choice.

Easy Online Ordering - Simply order sequencing barcodes online in CLIMS or activate and assign available prepaid barcodes while placing your online order in your CLIMS account.

Barcodes for Sanger Sequencing - Provides fully-automated workflows, unambiguous sample assignment, online order tracking and secured data retrieval from your online CLIMS account.
Free Azenta Universal Primers – a wide selection of Universal Primers are available for standard vectors. Use our Universal Primer Selection Tool to determine which Universal Primer binds to your vector of choice.

Quick Turnaround Times

  • Standard 24-Hour

    Data reported next business day after samples are received at Azenta.

  • Express

    Data reported by 12 pm next business day after sample drop off at your nearest Azenta dropbox*

* Terms and Conditions apply to turnaround times. For UK customers, regional variations in turnaround times also apply. Please speak to your Sales Representative for more information.


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