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GENEWIZ Gene Synthesis from Azenta Life Sciences is known for the reliability and completion of projects with a wide range of complexity levels including repetitive, and sequences with high or low GC content. Our 99.9% delivery rate makes us the partner of choice for top research institutions across the world. Our many years of synthetic gene assembly experience provide endless opportunities to create any custom sequence for your synthetic biology research. Try our gene synthesis services today.



Over 15+ Years of Excellence in Gene Synthesis

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Best Gene Synthesis Provider

Everything is included: Our pricing is honest, transparent, and simple –  all clonal synthesis includes vector onboarding, cloning, and deliverable storage; no hidden costs, no extra fees.
Any cloning, any vector: Our expert scientists will clone in any method and vector of your choice with no increase in project completion time.
Protection of your data: Your data is yours, not ours; onboarded sequences and vectors are only available to you and collaborators you grant access to.
Your research your way: Support for design strategy and real-time project updates to help you plan your experiments.

Gene Synthesis Services

Standard Gene Synthesis (PriorityGENE)

Clonal genes in 8 business days


Expedited Gene Synthesis (TurboGENE)

Clonal genes in as few as 5 business days



Standard Deliverables
DNA 2-5ug of plasmid DNA:
-Synthetic insert verified by Sanger sequencing
-Lyophilized or dissolved in TE buffer
Documentation Certificate of Analysis (COA) file:
-Sample information
-Restriction digest gel image
-Sequencing alignment and trace files
-Sequence files of synthetic insert and insert in custom vector (if applicable)
Storage Free onboarding and storage of submitted samples and final constructs for up to two years for use in future projects

Optional add-on services include large-scale DNA preps (ranging from midi- to giga-scale), normalization, custom restriction enzyme digestion, low-endotoxin DNA preps, delivery in specialized tubes or well-plates, linearization, and circularization.

Quality and Expertise in Gene Synthesis

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    1. Gene Synthesis

    Maximize protein expression and experimental performance with our proprietary bioinformatics platform and >99.8% project success rate

  • Subcloning - Custom mRNA

    2. Cloning and Plasmid Prep

    Free vector onboarding with no additional project time; scale your synthesis from microgram up to multi-gram preps

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    3. Quality Control

    100% Sanger sequencing accuracy and restriction digest of product ensures you receive the genes you requested

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    4. Delivery and Support

    Free storage of vectors and plasmids for 2 years with real-time customer and order support across 10+ time zones

Discover Why Our Customers Choose Us!

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    High-Quality and
    Reliable Synthesis

    • >99.9% synthetic order accuracy
    • >82% of projects delivered before the quoted delivery date
    • >99.8% project success rate

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    Technical and
    Customer Support

    • Real-time response across 10+ time zones
    • >70 Ph.D.-level customer support scientists
    • Local multilingual support

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    Service Value and
    Convenience with
    Every Order

    • 2,600+ sample pickup/drop off locations worldwide
    • 100% sequence verification included with every clonal construct
    • Free vector onboarding and storage of deliverables for 2 years

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Gene Synthesis Technical Resources

Tech Note | Enhancing Protein Expression by Leveraging Codon Optimization

Codon preference is among the most critical parameters affecting the expression level of foreign genes. This tech note will discuss two practical case studies, comparing wild-type gene performance to our codon-optimized sequences.

Guide | Competent Cell Selection

This guide will help you choose protocols for making competent cells and appropriate strains for your experiment.                                                                                                

Application Note | De Novo Synthesis of a 150 kb Construct

Building and manipulating large DNA molecules pose several complications that are problematic for de novo synthesis and sequence verification. In this application note, we discuss how our established difficult template protocols enable accurate construction of even the most challenging regions


Gene-to-Discovery Solutions

AAV Packaging, Custom mRNA Synthesis, Lentivirus Packaging, Recombinant Antibody Production


*Samples must arrive at the GENEWIZ New Jersey laboratory before 10:00 am EST to qualify for Same Day service. Note that direct-sequencing templates are not available for our Same Day service.

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