Oligos Retained for Sanger


GENEWIZ Oligos Retained for Sanger service eliminates the need to coordinate between vendors before sending your samples for Sanger sequencing. We synthesize, dilute, organize, and store your primers for up to a year for use with future Sanger sequencing orders. This service is designed for the bench scientist with simplicity and convenience in mind.


How are oligos used in Sanger sequencing?

Oligos are used in Sanger sequencing as primers to initiate DNA synthesis and as terminal nucleotides to terminate further DNA synthesis.

Features & Benefits

Save time on ordering and aliquoting primers 
Standard, desalted oligos up to 60 nt at 25 or 50 nmol scale
Includes storage at GENEWIZ for up to 6 months
Primers ready for Sanger sequencing as fast as the next business day


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