Our premium Targeted Yield service delivers specific quantities of high quality, transfection-grade DNA that you can count on. This service is intended for stable, high-copy plasmids, and includes a free upgrade to an endo-free process with sequence confirmation, restriction digest, and sterility testing. We now offer large-scale, high-quality plasmids ranging from 250 µg to 5 grams, ideal for cell and gene therapy, drug discovery, and vaccine research.


Service & Analysis Options

= Included

= Add-on

     Targeted Yield (Amount Based)

Service Options

Turnaround Time Starting from 4-5 business days
Plasmids Accepted
  • High-copy
  • Stable
Spectrophotometric DNA Quality Analysis
Targeted Yield Verification
Transfection-Grade (Endotoxin Free)
DNA Normalization
Aliquots or Custom Tubes
Analysis Options  DNA Sequencing*
Sequence Consensus Assembly and Analysis 
Full-Service DNA Sequence Confirmation
Restriction Digest and Agarose Gel Analysis*
Sterility Testing

*Includes one reaction per plasmid; added reactions available as an add-on.

Need your prep faster? Have an unstable, low copy vector? Check out our Standard-Scale (Per Run) Service.


Targeted Yield Service (Amount-Based) Now offering 100 mg to 5 g yields!**
Available Yields for High-Copy, Stable Plasmids* 250 µg 1 mg 5 mg 10 mg 20 mg 100 mg 250 mg
500 mg 1 g 500 mg 3 g 4 g 5 g  

*Actual yield will vary with the nature of the plasmid, bacterial hosts, and other factors.

**100 mg to 5 g services are processed in operation sites outside Europe.

Choice of Starting Material



Transformation provided as a service*


Glycerol Stock

Provide 200 μL frozen stock


Bacterial Colony

Please provide fresh colonies (<2 days old)

*For DNA samples, GENEWIZ provides multiple host strains to choose from for transformation. For custom strains, please provide the starting material as bacterial colony or clonal glycerol stock, or select “Other” for host strain when placing your order and include the competent cells with your DNA submission.


*Samples must arrive at the GENEWIZ New Jersey laboratory before 10:00 am EST to qualify for Same Day service. Note that
direct-sequencing templates are not available for our Same Day service.

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