Microarray Solutions: Genotyping, Gene Expression, and Methylation Arrays


Microarrays have revolutionized our understanding of genetic predispositions to diseases, drug responses, and the underlying mechanisms of various conditions. Whether you're investigating drug efficacy, patient stratification, or building biobanks for future studies, GENEWIZ Multiomics and Synthesis Solutions from Azenta Life Sciences offers comprehensive microarray analysis with unparalleled insights and precision. 

Partner with our experienced team of clinical experts to ensure a reliable chain of custody for your samples and increased lab efficiency through our fast and accurate solutions, tailored to meet your unique clinical application needs. Sample processing is available in our GCP-compliant (as applicable), CLIA certified & CAP accredited laboratory for clinical applications. Alternatively, it can be conducted under research use only (RUO) conditions in a regulated environment for exploratory endpoints and clinical applications.



What is Microarray Technology?

Microarray technology is a pivotal tool in genomic analysis, facilitating the study of vast arrays of genetic variations, such as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), insertions, deletions, and copy number variations (CNVs). It's also adept at assessing gene expression and methylation.

This technology is designed using a collection of DNA probes bound in specific positions to a solid surface, often by printing or in situ synthesis of oligos. Hybridization probes are prepared from samples to interrogate the array, followed by stringency washes, staining, and imaging. Finally, high-quality results are generated using the image data. Microarray technology offers a comprehensive view of the genome, enhancing research in genomics, diagnostics, and personalized medicine by uncovering genetic influences on health and disease.

Featured Microarray Applications

Microarray services offer a powerful suite of tools for Genotyping/GWAS, Gene Expression, and Methylation/EWAS analyses catering to the diverse needs of the pharmacogenomics and biobanking industries. With high-throughput screening, researchers can unravel the complexities of genetic and epigenetic variation and its implications for human health.

Pharmacogenomics (PGx): Genotyping and gene expression microarrays allow researchers to identify biomarkers and tailor medication regimens to individual patients, paving the way for personalized treatment strategies.

Biobanking: Microarray technology enables the rapid characterization of genetic diversity, pinpointing of disease-linked variants, and monitoring of gene expression profiles over time, facilitating population-based studies and accelerating the discovery of novel therapeutic targets.

Microarray Workflows

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1. Sample Procurement & Storage

Store samples with us for array analysis.

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2. Experimental Design

PhD-level specialists provide support on project goals, sample type requirements, and array selection.

Opt to qualify and validate any array for clinical trials and/or other sponsored clinical studies.

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3. Sample Submission

Submit samples via one of our dropboxes or through courier, or request retrieval of GENEWIZ-stored samples to be processed.

Sample types include fresh or frozen whole blood, saliva, buccal swab, extracted RNA, and extracted DNA.

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4. Processing

All processing is in a GCP-compliant (as applicable), CLIA certified & CAP accredited laboratory. The assay is research use only (RUO) and is suitable for exploratory endpoints or clinical study applications.

This can include nucleic acid extraction, sample normalization, and wet-lab processing.

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5. Data Analysis & Results

Reports include raw data, full QC report, and downstream annotated genotyping, methylation, or gene expression analysis, depending on application.

Advanced analysis options are available.

Ensure Complete Plasmid Validation on Your First Attempt

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Features & Benefits

Complete trial management –  Experienced PhD-level clinical service specialists lead and facilitate patient sample collection, processing/analysis, and management of pre-clinical and clinical studies

Fast turnaround – Receive accurate results starting within 15-20 business days, and save additional time on samples stored at Azenta biorepositories

Flexible sample types – Access a high-throughput, cost-effective solution whether you're submitting extracted nucleic acids or upstream samples for nucleic acid extraction 

Customizable tailored solutions – Partner with our experts to explore custom array design and/or reporting options that best fit your needs