For researchers preparing their own sequencing libraries, Azenta offers standalone next generation sequencing service. With extensive experience and know-how, we have developed optimized processes to deliver the highest quality sequencing results with industry-leading turnaround time.

Our Sequencing Only workflow provides flexible options to meet the requirements of your NGS project. We accept individual or pre-pooled libraries for sequencing on Illumina platforms, including the NovaSeq 6000. Strict quality control throughout the process ensures accurate and reliable results.


Customizable Sequencing Options

  • Sequencing Mode
    2x150 bp
    2x250 bp
    2x300 bp

  • Illumina Platforms

  • Data Output


    Flow Cells

  • Deliverables

    FASTQ files
    Quality report
    Data analysis (upon request)

See FAQ for more information

Features & Benefits

  • Highly Scalable
    Submit one to hundreds of samples 

  • Lastest Platforms
    Illumina® NovaSeq™ delivers the highest throughput

  • European Provider

    Sequencing available at our lab in Leipzig, Germany

Superior data quality with standard and custom libraries  
Industry-leading turnaround time starting at 1 week
Dedicated support through local study managers plus real-time project updates
Convenient sample pick up at GENEWIZ dropbox