AAV-ITR Sanger Sequencing


GENEWIZ’s new proprietary Sanger sequencing method sequences through difficult inverted terminal repeat (ITR) regions of adeno-associated virus (AAV), to expedite screening and validation of leads for your cell and gene therapy research. 

This newly-developed protocol prevents abrupt reduction in the sequencing signal at the start of the ITR hairpin and reads through the full length of the ITR region. AAV-ITR sequencing can be combined with our Primer Walking service to sequence whole AAV vectors.




Ensure Complete Plasmid Validation on Your First Attempt

with Oxford Nanopore Sequencing



GENEWIZ AAV-ITR Sequencing Provides a Breakthrough Solution

Adeno-associated virus (AAV) is one of the most actively investigated gene therapy vehicles. GENEWIZ’s robust AAV-ITR Sequencing Protocol sequences through its difficult inverted terminal repeat (ITR) regions to better support your viral vector testing and drug discovery pipeline.

Standard Protocol


AAV-ITR Sequencing – GENEWIZ Proprietary Protocol



Qualitative assessment of the integrity of wild-type and partially-truncated ITR regions in AAV plasmids 
Customer support available throughout the project
Turnaround time starting at just 5 business days
Increased read lengths and improved data quality for early detection of point mutations
Advanced network of GENEWIZ dropbox and couriers for convenient sample submission
Online ordering system allows real-time order management

Troubleshooting DNA Templates
with Sanger Sequencing



Tech Note: An Efficient and Reliable Approach to AAV Packaging

Tech Note: An Efficient and Reliable Approach to AAV Packaging


While AAV is a powerful vehicle for gene delivery, unstable ITRs threaten the fidelity of rAAV genomes. Loss of ITR integrity diminishes the packaging efficiency of rAAV particles and thus viral titer. In this tech note, discover the effect of partial and full ITR deletions on AAV packaging and how to reliably identify and effectively correct them.

AAV ITR Sequencing Case Study

Tech Note: Reading Through the Inverted Terminal Repeats (ITRs) of Adeno-associated Virus (AAV)


GENEWIZ has developed a high-quality, direct Sanger sequencing method that reads through both intact and commonly mutated inverted terminal repeat (ITR) regions of adeno-associated virus (AAV). This method is an effective tool for assessing the integrity of ITRs in AAV plasmids.

AAV ITR Sequencing Case Study

Article: Optimizing AAV Plasmid Preparation and ITR Sequencing


The adeno-associated virus (AAV) is a powerful vehicle for gene therapy; however, working with AAV vectors can be challenging. Spontaneous mutations in the inverted terminal repeat (ITR) regions can accumulate during plasmid propagation in bacteria. Find out how our scientists have optimized the AAV plasmid preparation process to deliver 100% accurate constructs.


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