Effortlessly unlock research success with Sanger-EZ, a convenient and reliable prepaid sequencing solution. Our kit of 96 barcoded tubes for our pre-mixed service is designed to streamline research processes by eliminating the need for online ordering, enabling you to focus on the critical aspects of your research. Our automated ordering system, Sanger-EZ offers the flexibility to submit all 96 samples at once or just one sample at a time. Simply order the kit directly from our online customer portal and submit samples in your nearest dropbox or via a local courier service.

Sanger-EZ Workflow

1. Order Sanger-EZ Tubes

Submit an order for the tubes on our online portal with your choice of delivery options

2. Submit Pre-Mixed Samples

Once received, fill tube(s) with template DNA + primer and submit sample(s) via your nearest dropbox or a courier service. To ensure the best results, please submit your samples according to our Sample Submission Guidelines.



3. Sample Processing

Our automated system creates the order online using the barcodes and our experts sequence your samples

4. Data Delivery

Results are shared via an email containing the link or can be accessed via our online portal

Features and Benefits

Convenience in Ordering  – Sanger-EZ tubes eliminate the need for online orders
Industry-Leading TAT – Technical support scientists can deliver results within 24 hours after receiving your samples*
High-Quality Data Delivery – Advanced automation technology ensures consistent delivery of the highest quality results while significantly reducing errors
Reliable Project Progress – With global production facilities and regional support, we offer a single-vendor solution to support your research
*Results overnight for samples submitted to our UK facility.