Our mission is to improve productivity and provide you with the fastest and most convenient sequencing solutions. We have long term expertise on barcode-driven processes and lab automation.

Our Barcodes for sequencing will optimize user experience by providing you with  fully-automated workflows, accurate sample assignment, online order tracking and secured data retrieval from your CLIMS account. 



We offer barcode labels for handy sample labelling and a convenient payment option for all our sequencing products submitted in tubes or plates. All barcodes for sequencing can be shared with colleagues and managed through Payment Center® within CLIMS Online Ordering / Data Management Sytem.

Prepaid Barcodes provide flexibility, access to convenient logistics, automated sample processing workflows and easy online order tracking through the entire process. Benefit from minimized administrative paper work and simplified invoicing. 

Non-prepaid Barcodes are not specified and can be used for any of our sequencing services. You determine the service you want to utilize, as soon as you activate Non-Prepaid Barcodes in your CLIMS account.

Avoid delays in your Sanger data delivery by following these easy barcode labeling instructions.


Barcodes for Sequencing in Tubes Pre-Mixed or Pre-Defined Standard

White Barcode labels for tubes can be used for Pre-Mixed or Pre-Defined sample types submitted in tubes with Standard delivery time. Your data will be ready for download the next business day after sample receipt at Azenta. Choose between Pre-Mixed or Pre-Defined service types when placing your order on your CLIMS account and then select between Prepaid or Non-Prepaid payment options.

Barcodes for Sequencing in Tubes Pre-Mixed or Pre-Defined Express

Use blue barcodes labels for tubes for Pre-Mixed or Pre-Defined sample types submitted in tubes for Express delivery. Your data will be ready for download the next business day by 12 pm after sample drop off at your Azenta dropbox. You can choose between Pre-Mixed or Pre-Defined service type and select Prepaid or Non-Prepaid payment option. 

Note: For the Express delivery service, you will need to use a nearby Azenta dropbox with free pick-up at your location. Alternatively you will be provided with a DHL Express shipping kit.

Please contact sanger.europe@azenta.com if you want to request a Azenta dropbox or DHL Express shipping kit. For UK customers, please refer to Azenta's UK logistic solutions.

Barcodes for Sequencing in Plates Pre-Mixed / Pre-Defined Standard

Benefit from cost-effective Sanger high-throughput sequencing in 96-well plates available for Pre-Mixed or Pre-Defined service with Standard Delivery.

White barcode labels for plates can be ordered in your CLIMS account by choosing either the Pre-Mixed or Pre-Defined service type and then selecting your preferred payment option: prepaid or non-prepaid. For the Pre-Mixed Plate Sequencing Service, please provide your purified template (DNA) with primer mixed in the same plate well according to our Sample Submission Guidelines.

For Pre-Defined Plate Sequencing Services, send one 96-well plate with 96 templates to be sequenced with one primer (96 sequencing reaction). Or send us your template (DNA) to be sequenced with different primers per one 96-well plate (for e.g 96 reactions with primer A, 96 reactions with primer B, etc)

Note: Express delivery for Sanger sequencing Plates is only available with Pre-Mixed service type. Your data will be ready for download the next business day by 12 pm after sample drop-off at your Azenta dropbox or sample collection by DHL Express. For UK customers, please refer to Azenta's UK logistic solutions.

Primer Barcodes

If you wish to use a custom primer, use purple Primer Barcodes to label your primer tube for the Pre-Defined Tube or Pre-Defined Plate Sequencing Service. 

If you want to use a free Azenta Universal Primer or would like Azenta to synthesize a primer for you, please define the Primer you want to use for your sequencing reaction when you place your Sanger sequencing order on your CLIMS account. 

Barcodes for Plasmid-EZ, Whole Plasmid Sequencing 

Use our yellow barcode labels for prepaid whole plasmid sequencing. (Non-prepaid orders for Plasmid-EZ submissions in tubes do not require barcodes). Your data will be ready for download the next business day after receipt of samples at our processing labs. 

Please see the Plasmid-EZ webpage for more information.

Plasmid EZ Yellow Label

Virtual Barcodes for Sequencing Pre-Defined Vario Plate:

Barcode-driven automated workflows enable flawless and convenient sample processing. For Vario plate, digital barcodes will be deposited into your account - your Vario Plate will be labeled with a physical label at our Azenta lab.

Pre-Defined Vario Plate Sequencing Service is for sequencing plasmids or PCR fragments in 96-well plates and is our most flexible service in terms of the number of templates and the number of primers per template that can be submitted using a 96-well plate.

For each template submitted in a well of a Vario Plate, you can send / select up to four primers that are used for the sequencing of your template.

The invoicing occurs reaction-based instead of plate-based.


Features & Benefits of Barcodes for Sanger Sequencing

Speed: Fully-automated workflow processes, quick turnaround times

Convenient: Easy online ordering with no need for submitting complicated order forms

Accurate: Reliable way to accurately read encoded information, eliminating the possibility of human error

Secure: Safe and secure data download from your CLIMS account

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