CLIA Whole Genome Sequencing


GENEWIZ offers CLIA-compliant whole genome sequencing as a comprehensive analysis of the entire genome to uncover mutations in coding and non-coding regions, including structural and copy number variants.

Our CLIA-compliant next generation sequencing services provide sensitive and unbiased detection of genetic variants. These assays enable clinical researchers to answer focused biological questions using genome-scale information, fueling the advancement of precision medicine and biomarker discovery.

CLIA whole exome sequencing is available for more targeted genomic analysis. Email or call us at 1-877-GENEWIZ (436-3949), Ext. 1 for a technical consultation on our service offerings.

We also offer RUO whole genome sequencing for your non-clinical needs.

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Sequencing and Surveillance

Features & Benefits

Flexible data analysis and regulatory oversight to meet study requirements
PCR-free protocols provide unbiased sequence information
Ph.D.-level support during the entire project, including free consultations
Variant confirmation via Sanger sequencing available for a streamlined CLIA-compliant workflow



Submit DNA or blood sample


Sequencing on the Illumina® NovaSeq™ 6000


Receive raw data files and variant report

Service Levels

Service Level* Data & Report
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CLIA Environment

CLIA-Validated Service

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*All service levels are performed by CLIA-trained personnel in a CLIA-certified lab with CLIA-qualified equipment.

Technical Resources

Case Study | Developing an Inclusion and Safety Monitoring Assay for a Cell Therapy Clinical Trial

A biopharma company required a partner for clinical trial support, with an immediate need for development and validation of a biomarker assay using next generation sequencing with a quick turnaround time. Read the case study to learn how this company was able to streamline clinical testing and accelerate the timeline of its phase 1/2 study.

Technical Data Sheet: Whole Genome Sequencing

Our PCR-free WGS workflow empowers clinical researchers to detect disease-related genetic variants in both coding and non-coding regions. In addition, the sequencing data can be used to identify novel variants of unknown significance and reanalyzed once additional disease-related information becomes available.


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