Plasmid Preparation

Sample Submission Guidelines

Sample Type* Sample Guideline
Clonal Plasmid DNA 5 µl at 200 ng/µl (minimum 100 ng)
Colonies on agar <3 days old; single and well isolated
Clonal Agar stab samples agar stabs
Clonal Glycerol stocks 200 µl of frozen stock
Frozen bacterial cell pellets varies by scale

* Only GMOs with security risk class I are accepted. GMO security class II organisms may be accepted after consultation.


Viral Plasmid Containing the Inverted Terminal Repeat (ITR)

Be aware that sequencing the ITR is challenging, so we request concentrated stocks of DNA.

  • Optimal sequencing concentration for viral plasmid is 300 ng/µl (minimum 200 ng/µl). Please submit as much template as you are able, up to 10 µl but no less than 5 µl.
  • Please include exact concentration in the Notes field for each template.
  • Ensure 260/230 ratio of 1.8-2.2, as this protocol is particularly sensitive to organic contamination.
  • Primer – Please provide 30 µl per reaction at 5 pmol/µl (5 µM) in a labeled 1.5 or 0.5 ml tube.
  • Generate primers that bind between 150 bps and 350 bp from the ITR.



DNA prep services in Europe**


GENEWIZ Germany GmbH
Bahnhofstr. 86
04158 Leipzig, D-Germany
Tel (EU): +49 (0)341 520 122 – 41
Tel (France): 0811 230001 (Toll-Free)


GENEWIZ Dropbox:
Starting material that is stable at room temperature may be submitted via a GENEWIZ Dropbox where available. A printout of the online Order Summary page must be included with the material. Contact to request a dropbox pick up for your location or if you have any dropbox questions.


Direct Shipping:
If a dropbox is not available or if your starting material requires dry ice, please use a local, overnight delivery service (such as DHL). A printout of the online Order Summary page must be included with the material.


**100 mg to 5 g DNA prep services are processed in operation sites outside of Europe.