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Backed by our 99.9% completion rate, GENEWIZ synthesizes naturally occurring sequences of any length or complexity for your protein and antibody engineering, CRISPR gene editing, and more. Rather than spending your valuable time on DNA cloning, GENEWIZ will custom clone your codon-optimized genes into your vector for optimal protein expression. We also offer a wide range of synthetic DNA solutions for your research, including gene fragment synthesis, synthetic DNA libraries, oligo synthesis, and CRISPR synthetic solutions.

GENEWIZ’s streamlined processes and protocols allow us to deliver timely and dependable results with proactive Ph.D.-level project support every step of the way. It's no wonder top research labs, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies around the world rely on GENEWIZ for all of their synthetic DNA needs.

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Cloned DNA

Expedited Gene Synthesis (TurboGENE™)

Standard Gene Synthesis (PriorityGENE)

Specialized Cloned DNA

CRISPR gRNA Construct Synthesis

Antibody DNA

Linear DNA

Gene Fragment Synthesis (FragmentGENE)

ssDNA Synthesis
(For Gene Editing)

DNA Libraries

Synthetic DNA Libraries (Fragment or Cloned)

Cloned Libraries

Recombinant Antibody Production

Deliver life-saving therapeutics to market faster than ever before

Gene Synthesis Features and Benefits

Advanced Capabilities: GENEWIZ can synthesize DNA sequences with highly repetitive, AT- and GC-rich regions.
Ph.D.-level Consultation & Support: Our dedicated Project Management team will tailor your order to your exact specifications and support you throughout the entire project.
Quality Control: Each DNA synthesis order includes a stringent quality control process with 100% sequence accuracy.
Intellectual Property Security: All intellectual properties, including DNA/amino acid sequences provided by our customers, are protected by our strict company-wide IP policy. No data or material will be released to a third party without your consent.


Genetic Engineering

Use synthetic genomes to generate novel biological functions and systems with CRISPR and other gene editing technologies.

Gene Therapy

Efficiently clone synthetic therapeutic genes into custom viral vectors to optimize expression and specificity of gene delivery.

Vaccine Development

Encode safer molecular adjuvants via cutting-edge vaccine design with codon-optimized synthetic DNA.

Protein Engineering

Boost protein expression levels for directed evolution and rational design with codon-optimized genes.

Antibody Discovery

Expedite candidate identification and screening for targeted therapeutic antibody engineering through codon-optimized gene constructs and libraries.

Structural Biology

Use codon-optimized genes to rapidly express recombinant protein for structure determination in gene-to-protein pipelines.

Typical GEne Synthesis Workflow

  • Oligonucleotide Synthesis

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  • Gene Assembly

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  • Cloning

  • Quality Control

  • Synthetic Gene Shipment



*Samples must arrive at the GENEWIZ New Jersey laboratory before 10:00 am EST to qualify for Same Day service. Note that direct-sequencing templates are not available for our Same Day service.

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