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Sanger sequencing at GENEWIZ is easy and straight-forward. Our Sanger sequencing products are designed for a variety of starting materials submitted in tubes or plates. Our high-quality results, industry-leading customer service and fast turnaround times at competitive prices make us the partner of choice for academic, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and government institutions. Sequencing results can be delivered online within hours, depending from service ordered.
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Service & Options for Sanger Sequencing 

Azenta offers two service types for Sanger sequencing of PCR products or plasmids: Pre-Mixed or Pre-Defined, both available for tubes and plates. Our barcode-driven automated workflows enable flawless and convenient sample processing. To determine the service that is best for your samples, please see the table and the descriptions for each service below. To ensure the best results, please submit your samples according to our Sample Submission Guidelines for each service type.

If you need help choosing your optimal Sanger service option, please contact us:

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Pre-Mixed Tube

For sequencing plasmids or purified PCR products, this service is the most economical choice. You provide your template and primer mixed in the same tube.

Pre-Defined Tube

You submit your template in a tube and we will mix template and a defined primer when your samples are received. You can choose from different available FREE Universal Primers or provide your own, labeled with a Purple, primer barcodes


This is a full-service option for sequencing of purified plasmids and purified PCR product samples with unknown concentration. For purified plasmids column-based PCR purifications, a GENEWIZ scientist will measure and adjust the concentration of your template to optimize the sequencing reaction.

Note that if you have enzymatically-purified PCR products, we recommend that you submit these samples under the Pre-Mixed or Pre-Defined service levels. An accurate OD cannot be obtained from an enzymatically-purified template.

Submit template and primer separately according to our Sample Submission Guidelines.

Note: A GENEWIZ Universal Primer can be used in this service at no charge.

Difficult Template Sequencing

Revolutionize your sequencing experience with our Difficult Template sequencing service, specifically designed for challenging templates featuring GC-rich regions or intricate secondary structures like hairpins. With a success rate surpassing standard workflows by over double, researchers can now save at least a day in their process. Versatile and efficient, this protocol accommodates various DNA types without the need for additional templates, offering unparalleled convenience and reliability. 

Learn more about our proprietary Sanger sequencing service – Difficult Template Sequencing

Difficult Template

Features & BENEFITS


Fully-automated workflow processes, quick turnaround times

Convenient Logistics

Easy online ordering with no need for submitting complicated order forms

Best-in-Class Difficult Template Protocols

For hairpins and GC-rich DNA

Free Vector Primers

Wide selection of GENEWIZ Universal Primers are available for most standard vectors


Reliable way to accurately read encoded information, eliminating the possibility of human error 


Safe and secure data download from your CLIMS account


Analysis using ABI 3730xl DNA Analyzers for capillary electrophoresis and fluorescent dye terminator detection


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