Lentiviral vectors are broadly used in laboratories across academia and industry for research and clinical gene therapy applications. Gene therapy vectors derived from lentivirus offer an array of unique advantages over traditional retroviral gene delivery systems. Leading these is their ability to provide long-term and stable gene expression and robust infection of both dividing and non-dividing cells, such as neurons.

With a comprehensive set of lentiviral solutions that span from construct synthesis through viral production and even include storage of transduction-ready virus, you can enjoy the convenience of an end-to-end solution to advance your research. Contact an expert to discuss your specific lentivirus needs.


Lentivirus Production For Cell and Gene Therapy

Starting at €488 / £473

Lentiviral vectors are research tools used to introduce gene products into in vitro systems, animal models, or human patients via gene therapy. Lentiviruses have a broad range of applications and are commonly used in clinical gene therapy as well as in CAR-T cell engineering.

Advantages of Lentivirus

  • Lentiviral vectors can carry relatively large transgenes
  • Low immunogenicity
  • Can be used for gene editing (e.g. deliver CRISPR elements to the cell) 
  • Ability to transduce both dividing and non-dividing cells
  • Integration into the host genome and stable expression of the transgene

Lentivirus Production Workflow


Azenta Advantages

  • Convenient one-stop shop from gene synthesis or plasmid prep to lentivirus packaging
  • Variety of viral prep scales with high-titer transduction-ready virus available 
  • Functional titering option available.
  • Ph.D. scientists to support you with project management

Large selection of lentiviral vectors available



2nd Generation

3rd Generation

Transfer Plasmid

Can be packaged ONLY by a second-generation packaging system

Can be packaged by both 2nd and 3rd generation packaging systems

Packaging Plasmid


Plasmids includes gag, Pol, Rev, TAT for entry and integration of the viral genome

Plasmids include only packaging genes gag and Pol


Envelope Plasmid


Contains gene encoding for envelope proteins


Contains only envelope gene Env


Safe. Replication incompetent: uses 3 separate plasmids encoding various HIV genes 

Safer. Transfer plasmids are all replication incompetent rendering the virus “self-inactivating” (SIN) after integration.


Higher viral yield

High viral yield

Lentivirus Production Offerings


Virus Titer

Volume Available


>107 IFU/mL

250µL - 500µL, 1mL - 1.5mL



Physical and functional titering options are available



>108 IFU/mL


250µL - 500µL, 1mL - 1.5mL


>109  IFU/mL


250µL - 500µL, 1mL - 1.5mL


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