Health Briefs with Terry Bradshaw Features GENEWIZ, Inc.

Coral Springs, FL and South Plainfield, NJ -- September 19, 2013 -- The producers of Health Briefs with Terry Bradshaw are pleased to announce that GENEWIZ, Inc. will be featured in an upcoming segment on "Improving Treatment Outcomes through Innovative Technology" as part of the show's Future of Healthcare series. 

Moving away from the "one-size-fits-all" approach, experts are developing new tests and technologies that enable improved diagnostics and effective treatment plans to give patients a better quality of life. By combining cutting-edge technologies, like next generation sequencing, with innovative genomic testing, experts say they have the ability to increase early detection and diagnosis, as well as risk assessment, to deliver a more comprehensive and cost-effective approach to personalized medicine. Global contract research organization, GENEWIZ, Inc. is developing new tests and technologies to meet patient needs and support the personalized medicine approach.

Founded in 1999 by former researchers Steve Sun, Ph.D. and Amy Liao Ph.D., GENEWIZ specializes in genomics, including DNA sequencing, gene synthesis, molecular biology, genomic, bioinformatics, and GxP/CLIA regulatory-compliant services. Headquartered in South Plainfield, NJ, GENEWIZ, Inc. is a global enterprise with locations in Boston, MA; Washington, DC Metro; Research Triangle Park, NC; San Diego, CA; San Francisco, CA; and Seattle, WA. The company also has international locations in Beijing, China; Suzhou, China; London, United Kingdom; and Tokyo, Japan. GENEWIZ, Inc. leads the industry in outsourcing partnerships with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical, academic, and government institutions. 

GENEWIZ has developed two key components to support personalized medicine: OncoGxOne™ cancer panels and the PGxOne™ panel.

OncoGxOne™ cancer panels are the most comprehensive cancer-specific gene panels on the market, and are designed to drive advancements in cancer research and stratify patients in clinical trials, making a significant impact on personalized cancer treatment. 

PGxOne™ offers the ability to screen many known germline variants with a single test. Results from the PGxOne™ panel have the ability to provide information regarding individuals’ ability to metabolize drugs. This type of personalized data can inform physicians whether or not a patient may be a good candidate for specific drugs, and conversely, whether or not a patient may not benefit from certain drugs. 

The five-minute Health Briefs television segment will educate viewers on the critical role that GENEWIZ plays in developing innovative tests and technologies that deliver valuable clinical information to serve researchers, prescribers, patients, and payers. For more information about GENEWIZ, Inc., please visit 

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