Dr. Loupy, French Transplant Physician and Researcher Awarded GENEWIZ Digital Spatial Profiler Grant


South Plainfield, NJ – January 7, 2021 – Leading global genomics service provider, GENEWIZ, Azenta Life Sciences Company, announced today that Alexandre Loupy, MD, Ph.D., Professor of Nephrology and Epidemiology at Necker Hospital, Paris, and Director of the Paris Transplant Group at Inserm, France, has been awarded the GENEWIZ Digital Spatial Profiler Grant. Dr. Loupy will be provided digital spatial profiling services on the NanoString Technologies® GeoMx™ platform for his study investigating the spatial immune response during allograft rejection.

The success or failure of organ transplantation largely depends on rejection responses. Rejection accounts for most allograft failures worldwide, with immediate effects on patient mortality, morbidity –  presenting various complications for the patient health – and high societal costs. For nearly 30 years, the Banff Classification of Allograft Pathology has provided a unique diagnostic system for detecting rejection; however, its reliance on histopathology presents limitations in terms of reproducibility and objectivity. Reports from the latest Banff Kidney Meeting indicate a necessity to develop more precise and reproducible techniques grounded in molecular pathology, to provide clinicians with personalized and early diagnosis in the event of graft rejection.       

To facilitate this development, Dr. Loupy and his team seek to explore the transcriptomic profiles of rejection types, requiring an approach to precisely characterize the immune response to transplantation. Combining high-plex gene expression profiling with the spatial resolution of immunohistochemistry, the GeoMx platform will allow Dr. Loupy and his team to perform high-quality transcription analysis of the immune cells involved in rejection, while understanding their spatial context within the tissue.

“Analysis using the GeoMx will represent the next step in molecular profiling by providing the spatial distribution of major immune cells involved in rejection,” remarked Dr. Loupy. “The outcome of this pilot study could yield new insights into transplant rejection and provide a great opportunity for a larger grant application.”

Useful for uncovering cellular interactions, tissue heterogeneity, pathogenicity, and more, the GeoMx platform allows researchers to explore multiple regions of interest from a single FFPE or frozen tissue section, while keeping the tissue intact. The technology utilizes custom or expertly curated, predesigned panels, enabling simultaneous in situ expression analysis of hundreds to thousands of genes, or up to 100 protein targets on a single histological slide.

“GENEWIZ is proud to be one of the first commercial service providers to offer digital spatial profiling using the GeoMx platform,” stated Dr. Ginger Zhou, Vice President of Genomics Services at GENEWIZ. “The adoption of this novel technology, coupled with our extensive experience in genomics, enables us to provide incredible researchers like Dr. Loupy with new, streamlined approaches to advance their scientific discoveries.”

For more information on digital spatial profiling with GENEWIZ, please visit: https://www.genewiz.com/en-GB/Public/Services/Next-Generation-Sequencing/Digital-Spatial-Profiling


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The Paris Transplant Group (PTG) is a multidisciplinary research team of Inserm, the French National Medical Research Agency. Located in the Expertise Center for Organ Transplantation in Paris, France, the team develops a personalized approach for transplant medicine. They work on the integration of multi-dimensional information derived from standard of care (clinical and biological data, histology and immunology) together with novel information coming from cutting edge technologies in immunology, molecular biology, genetics and biomarkers.


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