Article Authored by GENEWIZ Researchers Published in PLOS ONE

GENEWIZ, a leading global genomics services provider, announced today that a manuscript authored by its researchers has been published in PLOS ONE. Titled, “Benefits and Challenges with Applying Unique Molecular Identifiers in Next Generation Sequencing to Detect Low Frequency Mutations,” the research paper discusses their results from measuring the combined error rate for PCR and Illumina sequencing at each nucleotide position of three exons and the power of a unique identifier (UID) in distinguishing and correcting errors.

“The power of UID in distinguishing error from mutation promises to revolutionize early diagnosis of cancer in a non-invasive fashion. However, to realize its full potential and turn the idea into robust and cost-effective diagnosis assays, many challenges need to be overcome,” said Dr. Shihong Li, Senior Principal Investigator, GENEWIZ, the corresponding author of the paper. “While in theory, high fidelity DNA polymerase and the power of UIDs in distinguishing errors from true mutations does make it possible to detect mutation at 1% or lower frequency, our research shows that under-sampling and sampling bias challenge the practical application of UID-deep sequencing.”

The view the complete article, please visit:

DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0146638

The leader in DNA sequencing outsource partnerships, GENEWIZ regularly works with top-tier pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic institutions to provide consistent, reliable data on even the most difficult templates. Laboratories are located across the United States, as well as in China and Europe.

GENEWIZ is a global leader in R&D genomics services that enable research scientists within pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agriculture, environmental and clean energy, academic, and government institutions to advance their discoveries. Customers rely on our unique and proprietary genomics technologies and services, backed by our specialized experts in DNA sequencing, gene synthesis, molecular biology, high throughput sequencing, bioinformatics, and GLP regulatory-compliant services.

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The world’s first multidisciplinary Open Access journal, PLOS ONE accepts scientifically rigorous research, regardless of novelty.  PLOS ONE’s broad scope provides a platform to publish primary research including interdisciplinary and replication studies as well as negative results. The journal’s publication criteria are based on high ethical standards and the rigor of the methodology and conclusions reported.



Amanda Harrell

Vice President