Azenta Life Sciences, formerly GENEWIZ TargetGxOne™ custom gene panels provide targeted resequencing of any gene of interest via next generation sequencing (NGS). Custom resequencing can provide information on point mutations, insertions/deletions (INDELs), copy number variations (CNVs), and gene rearrangements for your specific genes of interest. When looking at multiple genes and/or multiple samples, next generation sequencing-based custom panels are more cost-effective and offer higher coverage than traditional techniques, such as Sanger sequencing.

Our TargetGxOne™ panels offer a complete solution from the assay design through advanced bioinformatics analysis with 2 different options for targeting your gene of interest.



Service Options

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    Targeted Gene Enrichment

    Our TargetGxOne™ gene enrichment approach uses Agilent SureSelect chemistry for resequencing large genomic regions.  Azenta aids in both the design and synthesis of synthetic baits used to pull down your selected target regions.  This approach is beneficial in identifying SNPs, insertions/deletions (INDELs), copy number variations (CNVs), and gene rearrangements.

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    Custom Amplicon Sequencing

    Our TargetGxOne™ custom amplicon approach utilizes a proprietary primer design strategy to amplify and subsequently sequence target regions of your choice.  Amplicon sequencing is ideally suited for targeting smaller genomic regions, such as mutational hotspots within a subset of genes. Amplicon sequencing assays can be designed to detect copy number variations (CNVs) and well-defined gene fusions in addition to SNPs and INDELs.

Features & Benefits

Custom assay design from well-experienced, Ph.D.-level scientists to increase on-target coverage
Comprehensive bioinformatics options for robust downstream analysis
Free storage of leftover reagents for future projects
Capability to detect SNP/INDELs, gene fusions, and copy number variations (CNVs)
Dedicated, on-going support from experienced Azenta scientists

Sample Submission Guidelines

Azenta accepts the following sample types for targeted resequencing projects:

  • Purified genomic DNA
  • Frozen cell pellets (mammalian or bacterial)
  • PCR amplicons
  • Bacterial colonies
  • Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) thin sections (slides)
  • Select tissues
  • Blood
  • Swab

For detailed sample submission requirements please visit our Sample Submission Guidelines page.



All customers receive their raw data as FASTQ files. Customizable data analysis packages are available by request.

Certified Illumina Sequencing and Pacbio Sequel Provider

Azenta is a certified service provider for Illumina NGS platforms and the PacBio Sequel. Please visit our NGS Platforms page for more information.

How To Order

Email | Phone 1-877-436-3949, Ext. 1