ChIP-Seq (chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing) combines the highly effective chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) methodology and next generation sequencing (NGS) to analyze protein-DNA interactions. These interactions are important for a vast quantity of biological processes involved in normal development and disease progression, such as gene regulation, checkpoint regulation, DNA repair, and DNA synthesis. ChIP-Seq is a valuable tool for discerning and quantifying the specific DNA sequences where proteins bind or epigenetic modifications exist.

Now accepting plant tissue!

Features & Benefits

Utilizes NGS technology to generate millions of reads across each sample, driving discovery

Offers higher resolution, cleaner data, and the superior ability to identify novel enrichment sites compared to ChIP-array technology

Comprehensive bioinformatics solutions

Selects any chromatin immunoprecipitated protein and modifications for analysis, including transcription factors, structural proteins, protein modifications, and DNA modifications

Low-input DNA requirement

Fast and cost-effective

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ChIP-Seq Workflow

Extensive Quality Control is Performed at the Conclusion of Each Step of the Process
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    Experimental Design

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    Library Preparation

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    Data Analysis


Sample Submission Guidelines

Azenta Life Sciences, formerly GENEWIZ accepts chromatin immunoprecipitated DNA (ChIP DNA) and plant tissue for ChIP-Seq projects. Please visit our Sample Submission Guidelines page for details.



All customers receive their raw data as FASTQ files. Peak enrichment analysis and customizable data analysis packages are available by request.

Certified Illumina Sequencing and Pacbio Sequel Provider

Azenta is a certified service provider for Illumina NGS platforms and the PacBio Sequel. Please visit our NGS Platforms page for more information.

How To Order

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