Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing

Cell populations are rarely homogeneous and synchronized in their characteristics. Single-cell RNA sequencing is a high-throughput tool for transcriptional profiling of thousands of individual cells. Recent advances in microdroplet-based approaches have made transcriptome analysis of tens of thousands of individual cells not only feasible, but cost-effective and easy to interpret.

GENEWIZ Single-Cell RNA-Seq utilizes the latest technology on the market: the 10X Genomics Chromium™. This system provides a streamlined and reproducible workflow not typical of other single-cell RNA-seq assays.

Check out our latest webinar “Advancements to the 10x Genomics Chromium™, Single-Cell RNA-Seq System” below.
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Features & Benefits

Up to 80,000 cells analyzed per chip
Unique barcoding to correct amplification bias
Up to 65% cell capture efficiency
Interactive analysis report available
Proprietary cell freezing protocol to aid shipment

Not interested in cellular resolution? Is starting amount an issue? Our Ultra-Low Input RNA Seq service can process just a few cells or picogram quantities of total RNA!



GENEWIZ Single-Cell RNA-Seq provides an industry-leading report that clearly displays and analyzes single-cell expression patterns. Examples of the types of analyses included in the data report:


Webinar: Advancements to the 10x Genomics Chromium™, Single-Cell RNA-Seq System

In this webinar, we review how recent advancements of the 10x Genomics Chromium™ system, coupled with GENEWIZ developmental efforts, can benefit the researcher. In addition, we spotlight the new Single-Cell V(D)J Solution, which can be used in conjunction with single-cell transcriptome profiling to identify pairing of full-length BCR and TCR sequences.

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Case Study: Single-Cell RNA-Seq Analysis Identifies Rare Drug-Resistant Cancer Stem Cells

Cell populations are rarely homogeneous and synchronized in their characteristics. Standard RNA-Seq approaches are limited to reporting general expression levels thus omitting minor subpopulation profiles. This study highlights new single cell RNA-sequencing capabilities for identifying rare cells, characterizing their transcriptomes, and discovering potential biomarkers.

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FASTQ files

HTML file for streamlined cell clustering and gene expression analysis

Interactive CLOUPE file that can be viewed with 10X's graphical Loupe Cell Browser

Custom data analysis available!

Sample Submission Guidelines

GENEWIZ accepts frozen cell pellets according to their provided proprietary protocol as starting material for scRNA-seq projects. For detailed sample submission requirements please visit our Sample Submission Guidelines.

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