GLP-Compliant Plasmid Prep Services

Produce your pre-clinical plasmids and control DNA with GENEWIZ

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Pre-clinical Preps

GENEWIZ offers a range of DNA preparation services to accelerate research and pre-clinical development for customers in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and other industries. Outsourcing GLP-compliant plasmid DNA preparation to GENEWIZ saves you time and maximizes your available resources. Generated in compliance with FDA and EPA GLP regulations in GENEWIZ’s state-of-the art GLP facility, GENEWIZ produces DNA for pre-clinical work in monoclonal antibody therapy, gene therapy, viral vaccine development, and to support internal controls for biomarker assays and kits.

Features & Benefits

Complete Solution: Scalable, customizable GLP-compliant plasmid preparation

GLP-compliant plasmid DNA preparation
Dedicated Study Director
Certificate of Analysis

State-of-the-art, dedicated GLP laboratories

Controlled facility, sample, personnel, process, and documents

Quality Control of product based on your needs

QA oversight
Multiple reviews
Consistent Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Established Quality Management System

Quality Assurance Unit oversight
GENEWIZ is available for audits

Superior support

Dedicated Study Director ensures a single point of contact
Expert technical support
Consistent, transparent communication


DNA (≥100 ng in water or TE)

Bacterial colonies (fresh colonies < 3 days old)

Glycerol stock cells (≥200 µl frozen stock)

Additional Service Options

Endotoxin-free preparations

Animal-free preparations

Plasmid bank creation

Biobanking (archiving) of plasmids

GLP-Compliant Plasmid Preparation Process

  • Study Protocol

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  • Plasmid DNA Preparation

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  • Product

Study Protocol and SOPs are utilized in compliance with GLP regulations.
Controlled, GLP-compliant laboratory provides sample security and quality. GENEWIZ network of quality oversight ensures compliance with GLP regulations.
Final product, Certificate of Analysis and detailed Study Report outlining methods used, results, compliance statement, and quality oversight inspection dates, results in Quality Assurance of each Study according to GLP regulations.

How to Order

*Samples must arrive at the GENEWIZ New Jersey Laboratory before 10:00 am EST to qualify for Same Day service. Note that direct-sequencing templates are not available for our Same Day service.

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