For researchers preparing their own sequencing libraries, Azenta Life Sciences, formerly GENEWIZ’s standalone next generation sequencing service ensures you get the highest quality data for your research. Our optimized processes, strict quality control, and extensive experience enable us to deliver accurate and trustworthy results within industry-leading turnaround times.


Azenta combines customizable sequencing solutions with multiple data output deliverables to match the budget and timeline of your NGS project. Our expert Ph.D. scientists can accept individual or pre-pooled libraries for sequencing on multiple Illumina® platforms, including the NovaSeq™ 6000.


Customizable Sequencing Options

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    Illumina Platforms
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    Sequencing Mode
    2x150 bp
    2x250 bp
    2x300 bp
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    Data Output
    Flow cells
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    FASTQ files
    Quality report
    Data analysis (upon request)

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Features & Benefits

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    Highly Scalable
    Submit one or hundreds of samples
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    Fast Turnaround
    Starting at just 1 week
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    US-Based Processing
    Sequencing and customer support in New Jersey
Superior data quality with standard and custom libraries
Dedicated Ph.D.-level support at every step plus real-time project updates
Latest sequencing platforms including the Illumina NovaSeq
Flexible service packages to meet your budget and deadline

NEW Direct Colony to
Whole Plasmid Sequencing



How To Order

Email | Phone 1-877-436-3949, Ext. 1