Immune Profiling

Immune profiling, also known as immunoprofiling, couples ultra-deep sequencing of V(D)J regions and customized bioinformatics to provide comprehensive characterization of the entire B-cell receptor (BCR) or T-cell receptor (TCR) repertoire. In addition, recent advances in microfluidic technology allow BCR and TCR chains to be paired at single-cell resolution. The immense diversity of BCRs and TCRs, generated through recombination of the variable (V), diversity (D), and joining (J) loci, is key to the adaptive immune system.
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What is immune profiling?

Immune profiling is the systemic identification and quantification of immune cells and their functional attributes within a tissue or organism. In immune profiling, T cells and B cells bind specific antigens, proliferate, and trigger a specific immune response. The T-cell and B-cell receptors are then analyzed to examine mechanisms of autoimmune disease, cellular development, and immune-oncology therapies.

What is single-cell immune profiling?

Single-cell immune profiling is the collective analysis of BCRs and TCRs, antigen specificity, protein expression, and gene expression of an individual cell.

Immune Profiling Service Options

Analyze V(D)J sequences at the RNA level using bulk or single-cell approaches.

for bulk repertoire analysis
Single-Cell Immuno-Profiling
for physical pairing of chains
BCR sequencing (VH and VL chains) Yes Yes

TCR Sequencing (α and β chains)

Yes Yes
Starting materials* Total RNA
Cell pellet
Cell suspension
V(D)J amplification method Proprietary 5' RACE Targeted enrichment of cDNA
with cell-specified barcodes
Physical pairing of VH/VL or α/β chains No Yes

*Visit our Sample Submissions Guidelines for more details.


Features & Benefits

BCR and TCR analysis available for multiple species, including human and mouse
Easy-to-interpret reports enable in-depth data analysis
Flexible sample requirements facilitate project design
Ph.D.-level consultation provides guidance before, during and after the project
Industry-leading turnaround time
Comprehensive research solutions with downstream synthetic DNA libraries available

Technical Resources

Advancements to the 10x Genomics Chromium™, Single-Cell RNA-Seq System

In this webinar, we review how recent advancements of the 10x Genomics Chromium™ system, coupled with GENEWIZ developmental efforts, can benefit the researcher. In addition, we spotlight the new Single-Cell V(D)J Solution, which can be used in conjunction with single-cell transcriptome profiling to identify pairing of full-length BCR and TCR sequences.


Example Report: Immuno-Profiling

Interactive HTML reports include the following:

  • CDR3 amino acid length distribution
  • Gene usage analysis
  • Top V(D)J combination
  • Linked CDR sequences at the nucleotide and amino acid level
  • CDR clustering analysis


Example Report: Single-Cell Immuno-Profiling

The LoupeTM Cell Browser from 10x Genomics provides interactive tools including the following:

  • Finding significant genes
  • Identifying cell types
  • Exploring substructure
  • Interated gene expression and V(D)J analysis