Long-Read Amplicon Sequencing


Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT®) long-read sequencing offers complete, uniform, nonbiased coverage spanning long amplicons. Unlike short-read technologies, SMRT sequencing does not require the amplicon to be fragmented, and allows for phasing of variants across the entire amplicon.

GENEWIZ offers ultra-deep, contiguous amplicon sequencing for sequences up to 10,000 bp.  A single PacBio® read can discover a wide range of variants, from SNPs and small indels to large insertions and deletions. Furthermore, circular consensus sequences can be generated to obtain up to 99.999% single-molecule base calling accuracy.

Review our best practices when preparing amplicon DNA for PacBio sequencing.



Webinar: Evolution of Amplicon Sequencing-Methods and Applications

Explore popular applications of next generation sequencing based amplicon sequencing


Identify large CRISPR-mediated indels and structural variants
Phase alleles and variants across entire gene
Full-length HLA Typing
Full-length 16S, 18S and ITS gene sequencing
Paired heavy-light chain phage display sequencing
Custom amplicon sequencing

Features & Benefits

Up to 10,000 bp per contiguous sequence
Multiplexing available
Up to 99.999% single-molecule base calling accuracy
Latest technology through PacBio Sequel
Sequence through highly repetitive, GC-rich regions
Sample to answer in as little as two to three weeks


Sample Submission Guidelines

GENEWIZ accepts a wide range of inputs for PacBio amplicon sequencing, including purified and unpurified amplicons, restriction digested material, and plasmids. Additionally, GENEWIZ can prepare an amplicon from a wide range of starting materials, including genomic DNA, cell pellets, and tissue material. For detailed sample submission requirements please visit our Sample Submission Guidelines.


Project deliverables include a data summary report, raw data files in BAM format, and demultiplex CCS reads in FASTQ format. Customizable data analysis packages are available by request.

How To Order

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