Amplicon sequencing made easy!

  • Easy on your budget – as low as $50 per sample
  • Easy to order – checkout online in minutes
  • Easy to submit samples – use a GENEWIZ drop box
  • Easy to analyze data – interactive reports with intuitive design
  • Easy on your deadline – results in 8 business days*

Amplicon-EZ is a streamlined version of next generation sequencing to analyze heterogeneous PCR products. Our standardized workflow simplifies ordering, processing, and analysis to deliver high-quality results fast.



Amplicon Sequencing in 8 Days*

1. Sample Submission

  • No minimum sample number
  • Extensive network of drop boxes in the US

2. Library Preparation

  • 150-500 bp products accepted
  • Submit with or without Illumina® partial adapters

3. Sequencing

  • ~50,000 reads per sample
  • Full sequence coverage with 2x250 bp sequencing

4. Data Analysis

  • Interactive variant report
  • Unique sequence identification and abundance analysis
*Results are available within 8 business days from the initial day of processing. See FAQ for more details.


CRISPR editing validation – on/off-target mutations
Somatic variant analysis
Taxonomic identification – 16S, 18S, or ITS regions
Antibody discovery – Variable regions of mAb, Fab, scFv, or sdAb genes
Clone verification and screening
Diversity analysis – Synthetic DNA libraries

How To Order

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