NGS-based amplicon sequencing offers detection of low frequency variants, quantitative analysis of mixed populations, and scalable analysis of a large number of samples. GENEWIZ’s Amplicon-EZ builds on the advantages of NGS-based screening and provides a cost-effective, fast, and interactive solution to help scientists expedite their research needs.

Amplicon-EZ is designed for purified PCR products with an insert size of 150 - 550 bp*. Customers receive a guaranteed 50,000 reads per sample**, delivery in as few as three business days***, and an interactive data analysis report.

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Webinar: Evolution of Amplicon Sequencing-Methods and Applications

Explore popular applications of next generation sequencing based amplicon sequencing


Synthetic/natural antibody repertoire screening
Somatic/complex variant analysis
16S/18S taxa analysis
Genome editing clone analysis

Features & Benefits

≥50,000 reads per sample
No minimum sample number requirements
Interactive analysis report available
Flexibility - Amplicons accepted with or without partial adapter sequences
Most cost-effective option

Project Workflow

Results in as few as three business days***

1. Sample Submission

Purified PCR products
150-550 bp

2. Sequencing

Sequence up to 150 bp from each end;
Note: For Amplicons >250 bp, the middle portion may not be covered.

3. Data Analysis

Interactive analysis report

Sample Submission Guidelines

GENEWIZ accepts pre-made, purified amplicons with or without partial Illumina adapter sequences. The size of the PCR product must be 150-550 bp, not including adapters. For detailed sample submission requirements please visit our Sample Submission Guidelines.

*Please note that our Amplicon-EZ offering sequences 150 bp from each end of the fragment. For amplicons >250 bp, the middle portion may not be covered. Full length sequencing of >250 bp amplicons is available through our Standard Amplicon Sequencing service.

**Guarantee of 50,000 reads only applies to amplicons <250 bp.

***Qualifying amplicons must be received at our NJ sequencing facility by Wednesday to be processed in that week's sequencing cycle. For San Fransisco dropbox users, please submit orders by Monday to meet this cutoff.


Standard Available
  • Raw data delivered via email
  • Free post-delivery support
  • Variant analysis and/or clone verification via interactive data analysis platform
  • Unique sequence identification and abundance analysis
  • Custom assembly

How To Order

Email | Phone (1-877-GENEWIZ (436-3949), Ext. 1) | Live Chat