Confirmatory Sequencing & cell bank characterization


Trust Azenta Life Sciences, formerly GENEWIZ to manage your project from assay design to data analysis. Simply submit your samples and let us do the rest!

Our experienced scientists will design, develop, and optimize your assays to verify the identity of your sequences and provide you with the final data. We can even utilize samples submitted from existing Azenta Next Generation Sequencing projects.

Azenta’s Sanger-based confirmatory sequencing services can be customized to detect your endogenous or recombinant transcripts/genes, support cell line development, monoclonal antibody heavy chain/light chain sequence confirmation, and transfection verification.


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Confirmatory Sequencing Workflow

1. Submit Samples


2. Primer Design + Assay Development

3. Extraction

4. PCR Amplification

5. Sanger Sequencing

6. Data Analysis


Submit your samples and Azenta will take care of the rest!

Our experienced scientists design, develop, and optimize assays to verify the identity of your sequences and provide you with:


  • Chromatogram file (.ab1)
  • Analysis report, including identification of mutations or discrepancies
  • Sequence file (.seq)
  • Consensus sequence of results (.seq)
  • Analysis report, including identification of mutations or discrepancies

  • Applications of Confirmatory Sequencing

    Sanger-based confirmatory sequencing of both DNA and RNA/cDNA templates has been utilized to support the following applications:

    CRISPR Confirmation

    Confirmation of target CRISPR integrations (& identification of off-target effects)

    Next Generation Sequencing Confirmation

    Confirmation of mutations identified by NGS screens

    Antibody Sequencing Confirmation

    Confirmation of heavy-chain/light-chain sequences for monoclonal antibodies

    Cell Line/Cell Bank Confirmation

    Genotyping & confirmation of engineered cell lines (cell line ID/stability)

    Gene Synthesis Product Confirmation

    Confirmation of clones and gene editing products    

    Transfection Verification

    Confirmation of genomic integrations in cell lines & viral vectors (lentivirus or AAV)

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    with Oxford Nanopore Sequencing



    Features & Benefits

    Complete Solution: Nucleic Acid extraction to Sanger sequencing & data analysis


    Complete Sequence Coverage: Our team ensures complete sequencing of your region of interest, including high GC content regions, and TA Cloning, as needed

    Superior Support: Dedicated Azenta scientist, expert technical support, and consistent, transparent communication with weekly project updates

    Sample flexibility: Our team has experience working with many sample types including: cell pellets, tissue samples, gDNA, RNA/cDNA, plasmids, FFPE samples and more.

    How to Order

    *Samples must arrive at the Azenta New Jersey Laboratory before 10:00 am EST to qualify for Same Day service. Note that direct-sequencing templates are not available for our Same Day service.

    Email | Phone (1-877-436-3949, Ext. 3350)