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PCR + Sanger Services


Customize your Sanger sequencing experience with PCR + Sanger solutions from the leader in DNA sequencing. This fully customizable service allows you to streamline your workflow and extend your bench with your choice of PCR plus Sanger services with data delivered in as few as 3 days with our pre-developed assays. These services support a wide-range of applications including targeted microbial/fungal sequencing, NGS data confirmation, antibody heavy/light chain sequencing, mutation detection analysis, cell bank characterization, SNP genotyping and more. Explore the range of services we offer below.

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Troubleshooting DNA Templates
with Sanger Sequencing



Featured Predeveloped Assays

Elevate your study of intricate biological pathways with pre-developed assays designed to help you advance your research. With a range of pre-developed assays targeting key genes such as BRCA1/2, TP53, HTT, and FOXP2, you can confidently focus on accelerating your breakthroughs across applications including oncology, neurology, and autoimmune disorders.


GENE Details
BRCA2 Hereditary Breast Cancer, solid tumors, oncology
BRAF MAPK signaling, oncology
HRAS HRAS signaling, MAPK signaling, oncology
IDH1 Cellular metabolism, oncology
IDH2 Cellular metabolism, oncology
KRAS RAS signaling, MAPK signaling, oncology
MAP2K1 RAS signaling, MAPK signaling, oncology
CFTR Hereditary, Respiratory or pulmonary disorder
GENE Details
MAP2K2 RAS signaling, MAPK signaling, oncology
MAPK1 RAS signaling, MAPK signaling, oncology
NRAS RAS signaling, MAPK signaling, oncology
PIK3CA PI3K signaling, mTor signaling, solid tumors, oncology
PTEN Tumor suppressor, solid tumors, oncology
TP53 Oncology
APOE Alzheimer's disease, dementia, neuropathology
EGFR Oncology, lung cancers, solid tumors

Please note that new assay development may require an additional 5 days.


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Features & Benefits

Free and convenient shipping available through the Azenta drop box network for samples shipped at room temperature.
Many sample types accepted, including cell pellets, tissue samples, FFPE samples, gDNA, RNA, and more.
Data delivery starting at 3 business days after assay development.
Industry-leading customer support, including weekly project updates.


*Samples must arrive at the Azenta New Jersey Laboratory before 10:00 am EST to qualify for Same Day service. Note that direct-sequencing templates are not available for our Same Day service.

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