AAV Vector Production (AAV Plasmid Synthesis)


AAV Vector Production service provides the synthesis and cloning of transgene expression cassettes into custom AAV vectors with high efficiencies. Utilizing our decade-plus experience in synthesizing DNA, GENEWIZ from Azenta Life Sciences has developed a unique adeno-associated virus vector production service, the first of its kind, for researchers working with adeno-associated virus vectors. GENEWIZ AAV Vector Production service, listed as AAV Plasmid Synthesis in our CLIMS4 ordering system, comes bundled with our AAV Plasmid Preparation protocol to deliver mini- to giga-scale AAV plasmids that have been sequence-verified by our AAV-ITR Sanger Sequencing service.

We understand the importance of intact inverted terminal repeat (ITR) regions in downstream AAV gene therapy applications. GENEWIZ maintains a 2-step QC process and ITR correction by gene synthesis to ensure the integrity of your ITR regions.




AAV Packaging

Absolute ITR accuracy for AAV success


  • Industry-Leading Turnaround Time
    And competitive price to save your budget

  • Ph.D.-level Technical Support
    Throughout your project

  • Extensive experience working with a wide variety of custom AAV vectors with ITR synthesis capability

  • FREE codon optimization tools based on an advanced algorithm for high protein expression

  • Ensure intact ITR regions before and after cloning with our robust 2-step QC system including sequence verification using Azenta’s proprietary AAV-ITR sequencing and ITR correction via gene synthesis

  • Mini- to giga-scale preps using proprietary AAV plasmid preparation protocol


Original AAV inverted terminal repeat shows a deletion mutation. Regular PCR amplification cannot repair the sequence due to its repetitive nature. Azenta can successfully deliver repaired inverted terminal repeat regions through specific ITR correction technique.


Each inverted terminal repeat region is important in downstream AAV gene therapy applications*

Function Effecting Region
Residue of Non-Recombinant AAV (r(AAV)) Encapsided DNA A-A’
Packing A-A’ (trs), D
Productivity B-B’, C-C’
Encapsidation A-A’, B-B’, C-C’, D
Affinity to Rep Protein A-A’, B-B’, C-C’
Transduction Efficiency A-A’
Replication A-A’, D
Rescue A-A’ (trs), D
Integration A-A’ (trs), D

* Savy, A., Dickx, Y., Nauwynck, L., Bonnin, D., Merten, O.W. and Galibert, L., 2017. Impact of inverted terminal repeat integrity on rAAV8 production using the baculovirus/Sf9 cells system. Human Gene Therapy Methods, 28(5), pp.277-289.

*Zhou, Q., Tian, W., Liu, C., Lian, Z., Dong, X. and Wu, X., 2017. Deletion of the B-B’and C-C’regions of inverted terminal repeats reduces rAAV productivity but increases transgene expression. Scientific reports, 7(1), pp.1-13.

*Maurer, A.C. and Weitzman, M.D., 2020. Adeno-Associated Virus Genome Interactions Important for Vector Production and Transduction. Human Gene Therapy, 31(9-10), pp.499-511.

*trs – terminal resolution site

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Tech Note: An Efficient and Reliable Approach to AAV Packaging

Tech Note: An Efficient and Reliable Approach to AAV Packaging


While AAV is a powerful vehicle for gene delivery, unstable ITRs threaten the fidelity of rAAV genomes. Loss of ITR integrity diminishes the packaging efficiency of rAAV particles and thus viral titer. In this tech note, discover the effect of partial and full ITR deletions on AAV packaging and how to reliably identify and effectively correct them.

Tech Note: An Efficient and High-Fidelity Approach to AAV Plasmid Preparation

Tech Note: An Efficient and High-Fidelity Approach to AAV Plasmid Preparation


Azenta has recently developed a proprietary AAV plasmid preparation process, which significantly improves the chance of maintaining ITR integrity, even when other commercially available competent cells growing in low temperature have failed. This process can also isolate clones with full-length ITR from a sample mixture containing intact and truncated ITRs.

A Comprehensive Guide to Using AAV Vectors in Gene Therapy

Workshop & Roundtable Discussion: A Comprehensive Guide to Using AAV Vectors in Gene Therapy


Working with AAV vectors can be challenging. In this on-demand workshop & roundtable discussion, you’ll gain a better understanding of the AAV development pipeline for gene therapy research and learn how to optimize upstream and downstream processes including AAV synthesis, sequencing, bioinformatics, and storage.

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