DNA Sequencing Sample Submission Guidelines

Sanger Sequencing

For the best Sanger sequencing results, Azenta Life Sciences, formerly GENEWIZ, strongly recommends you follow our Sample Submission Guidelines as closely as possible. If you have any questions, our Technical Support team is here to help!

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Tubes for <48 Samples

If you are submitting <48 samples, please use 8-strip, 0.2 ml PCR tubes and caps. You can cut off empty tubes and use them next time.

GENEWIZ's Online Ordering System will assign tube ID codes using your initials and the sample number (see Figure to the right). Please write these codes on the sides of your tubes using indelible marker.

Label the side of your tubes with YOUR initials and sample number. These should match your order receipt.

Tubes 48

Plates for >48 Samples

If you are submitting 48 or more samples, we recommend using a 96-well, semi-skirted PCR plate. Cap the wells with 8-strip caps. These are usually ordered separately from the plates. Be sure that the caps seal tightly! The semi-skirted plate helps to prevent the plate from bending in transit, resulting in fewer loose caps. Please ship the plate with cushioning to avoid potential damage.

Please contact us for help finding a vendor if your laboratory does not have any 96-well PCR plates or matching strip caps.

Note: If you submit ≥48 Pre-Defined samples and request the use of ≥10 primers, please submit the primers in a 96-well plate arrayed to match with the appropriate template.

Arrange your samples vertically (in columns) as shown to the right: