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a4S Automatic Roll Heat Sealer

The perfect solution for automated heat sealing of microplates, PCR plates, assay plates and storage plates used in medium to high-throughput or full automation applications. This is a 4titude from Brooks Life Sciences product – for more information on Brooks Life Sciences visit: www.brookslifesciences.com/

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  • The main advantage of the a4S is that it does not require an air supply, which gives it the flexibility to be used on standard lab benches as a standalone unit, or integrated within a robotic set‑up

  • The sealer’s rapid heating element enables a fast start-up, and the stand-by function saves energy when the unit is not in use

  • The a4S sealer is compatible with a wide range of SBS footprint plates, including all PCR plate formats from 96 well to 1536 well, assay plates, deep well storage plates and microplates

  • Varying plate heights, from 3 mm to 60 mm can be accommodated with minimal adjustments of the instrument

  • Plates are presented in portrait format and the plate position on the shuttle allows good access for robotic integration

  • Rolls with a width of between 75-85 mm can be loaded in either of two roll positions, depending on roll length and available space, enabling the entire instrument to fit under the gantry of most liquid handling robots

  • The width and length of the applied seals are set to precisely cover an SBS footprint plate without interfering with plate stacking

  • The seal position can be adjusted to give an overhang at one end of the plate to facilitate ease of seal removal

This is a 4titude from Brooks Life Sciences product – for more information on Brooks Life Sciences visit: www.brookslifesciences.com/

Instrument Features

Simple installation

  • No need for compressed air: installation is fast and flexible
  • 2 positions for different roll sizes: increased flexibility
  • Optional roll cover provides seal protection for sensitive applications

Easy handling

  • Color touch screen with intuitive user interface for ease of use
  • Unlimited password protected protocols: 3 security levels save personalized and SOP set temperatures and times
  • Rapid heating: fast start up time, block uniformity is maintained to ± 1 °C
  • Variable time/temperature controls: adjustment of time and temperature settings enables the perfect seal to be established for any sealer friendly, high-quality plate type, e.g. all 4titude plates
  • Up to 5,000 seals without manual intervention: true walk-away-system

Reproducible sealing

  • Reproducible sealing: fixed pressure and accurate time and temperature controls ensure consistent sealing
  • High sealing pressure: improved seal uniformity on a wide range of plates
  • Sealing cycle time of less than 15 sec: time saving

Highest flexibility

  • Compatible with a wide range of plate types, from racked tubes to 1536 well PCR plates
  • Flexibility of seal material choice: 4titude offers a  wide range of sealing materials, with a variety of properties for use with the a4S
  • Compatible with gas permeable heat seals: no instrument modification necessary for maximum convenience

Economic efficiency

  • Competitive pricing: save money without compromises
  • Auto standby mode: saves energy and extends component life
  • 2 year warranty on parts and labor
  • Extended warranty and service contracts available for peace of mind

Plug-and-play robotic integration

  • The a4S heat sealer is extremely versatile leaving you the freedom to expand and configure your systems such as adding robotic plate handling
  • SiLA compatible: quick and easy integration with other SiLA compliant devices using the SiLA driver (available at extra cost, please see ordering information); all 4titude instruments are compliant with SiLA standards for rapid integration of automated systems
  • This means they can be "plug and play" connected with other instruments, such as readers, robotic arms and liquid handlers, to give a custom automated system without the need to write expensive custom drivers
  • Full communication protocol available: operate the instrument and record sealing conditions for each seal using the RS232 communication port



qPCR: reduce evaporation and save money

  • The optimized sealing performance of the a4S heat sealer prevents reagent volume loss by evaporation
  • Up to a fivefold reduction in the costs of sealing can be achieved when heat sealing with the a4S compared to using caps or adhesive seals
  • Reliable qPCR results and significant reagent savings can be achieved by using Clear Heat Seal (4ti-0540) and Clear Weld Heat Seal Mark 2 (4ti-0573, particularly designed for hydrocyclers)

Cell assays and cell culture: increase cell viability and assay performance

  • Heat sealing is the optimal method for cell based assay plates and cell culture plates
  • It is a proven method for compound storage, particularly in protective gases such as Argon and CO₂
  • Gas Permeable Heat Seal Mark 2 (4ti-0598) is the perfect choice for cell culture: allows for optimized gaseous exchange, whilst limiting evaporation

Sample storage: strongest resistance against organic solvents

  • Essential requirements for long-term storage include maintaining sample integrity and minimizing the risks of sample degradation
  • When applied using the a4S heat sealer, Foil Heat Seal (4ti-0535), Pierce Heat Seal (4ti-0530), and DMSO Resistant Peel Heat Seal (4ti-0585) demonstrate the highest performance in compound storage, drug screening and subsequent sample retrieval
  • DMSO Resistant Peel Heat Seal is the first 100% DMSO resistant seal: pure DMSO can be stored at room temperature for 12 months with this seal with no deterioration of the seal quality

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (W x L x H)

230 x 507 x 276 mm

Sealing temperature range

100-195 °C

Sealing time range

0.1-10 sec

Weight (without roll)

27 kg

Power supply

V in: AC 100-240 V; V out: DC 24 V 320 W

Power consumption

700 W (max)

Working temperature range

10-30 °C

Operating humidity (RH)



RS-232 serial port, USB port



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Includes: universal power supply, power cord, plate support adapters A (4ti-0665-2) and B (4ti-0665-3), 24 month parts and labur warranty; 1 unit