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TransStart® Tip Green qPCR SuperMix TransStart® Tip Green qPCR SuperMix

TransStart® Tip Green qPCR SuperMix

TransStart® Tip Green qPCR SuperMix is a ready-to-use qPCR cocktail. It contains a novel TransStart® TipTaq DNA Polymerase , unique hot start reagents (DNA binding proteins combined with unique chemical), optimized double cation buffer, SYBR Green I, dNTPs, PCR enhancer and PCR stabilizer. qPCR SuperMix is provided at 2× concentration and can be used at 1× concentration by adding template, primer, passive reference dye (optional) and ddH2O.

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• A combination of chemical blocking technique with TransStart® hot start technique to achieve complete blocking. Compared with double blocking TransStart® TopTaq, this method provides higher sensitivity, higher specificity and better amplification.
• Double cation (K+, NH4+) buffer enhances specificity and reduces primer-dimer formation.
• Passive reference dyes are provided for different qPCR instruments.

Passive Reference Dye

• Passive Reference Dye I (50×): ABI Prism7000/7300/7700/7900, Eppendorf, ABI Step One, ABI Step One Plus
• Passive Reference Dye II (50×): ABI Prism7500, ABI Prism7500 Fast, ABI Q6, ABI Quant Studio 6/7 Flex, ABI ViiA 7, Stratagene Mx3000/Mx3005P, Corbett Rotor Gene 3000
• No Passive Reference Dye: Roche LightCycler480, Roche Light Cycler96, MJ Research Chromo4, Opticon (II), Takara TP800, Bio-Rad iCycler iQ, iQ5, Bio-Rad CFX96, Bio-Rad C1000 Thermal Cycler, Thermo Pikoreal 96, Corbett Rotor Gene 6000, Corbett Rotor Gene G, Corbett Rotor Gene Q


-20˚C for one year


Kit Contents






2×TransStart® Tip Green qPCR SuperMix

1 ml

5 × 1 ml

15 × 1 ml

25 × 1 ml

Passive Reference Dye (50×)

40 μl

200 μl

600 μl

1 ml


1 ml

5 ml

3 × 5 ml

5 × 5 ml